Under My Christmas Tree!

Guess what? I am finished Christmas shopping for my boys. Yes, you heard right - I'm done shopping for my children, and it's only the second week of December!

Shopping for my kids is a bit difficult because like many of your children, my boys have EVERYTHING. Hudrends of books, crafts, educational toys, Plasma Cars, puzzles, LEGO, and almost every constuction vehicle by Playmobil. They have a play kitchen, a tool station, rocks and crystals, TinterToys, Wedgits, computer games, and train sets - needless to say, they don't need anything, and I look forward to giving away a lot of the things they don't play with currently. But of course, it's Christmas, and I love to shop, especially for my children!

So here's what's under my tree this year, for my boys:

We'll start with my 4 year old. Shopping for him wasn't too hard, because he told me, more or less, what he wanted Santa (and his family) to get him. He loves everything constuction, of course, and this ride-on backhoe by Peg Perego is awesome! He has a similar one in yellow, but that one stays at my parents house:

This backhoe is what Santa will be leaving under the tree (already assembled, of course!) for my son to see on Christmas morning!

He's also asked for a snowplow, and I found the perfect one by Bruder:

And of course, this truck from Playmobil:

And a street sweeper! He loves following street sweepers around in the summer. My mom takes him in her car, and they literally follow street sweepers around the neighbourhood for hours!

My son spends a lot of time playing with all his Playmobil and Bruder trucks. They're well made, high quality items that I don't mind buying for him.

He also loves Zamboni's, and I can't wait to take him to a hockey game this winter so he can see the real Zamboni in action. In the meantime, I'm hoping he loves this mini Zamboni that his little brother will be giving him:

Of course, something from Transformers has also made his wish list this year - the all powerful DEVASTATOR! Devastator is really 6 constuction trucks that combine together to make one mean, huge Transformer:

See? Luckily, I won't be the one who has to put this together!

I've also bought him a few books (about science and astronomy) and some rocks and crystals for his stocking, to add to his collection.

My son is beginning to understand the meaning of Christmas, especially because of what he is learning at his Catholic School. We teach him at home, too, the true meaning of Christmas, and the importance of prayer and being thankful. The gift giving is just a bonus, really!

Moving on to my 22 month old boy - he was a lot harder to shop for because he has everything already - handed down from his older brother! He likes playing with his brother's trucks, and tools, but mostly, my baby boy loves his play kitchen and cell phones. We even have several 'demo' phones at home for him to play with! He loves musical instuments, too, and ride-on toys.

He loved this firetruck he saw the other day, so this will be what Santa will be leaving for him under the tree:

H does have one like this already, but I figure I can take it to my inlaws house for him to use there.

He loves his play kitchen at home, and I bought him these pots and pans to go with it from Melissa and Doug:

I thought it would be cute for him to have his own mixer, too, since he loves to 'cook'!

And this little guitar will be his gift from his big brother:

The one I bought him is blue, his favourite colour.

I also picked up a little play saw with goggles for him, because well, boys can never have too many tools in the house, right?

I'm sure I am forgetting something - but this is more or less what will be waiting for my boys to open on Christmas Day! Now, I have to finish the stocking stuffers... and every other person on my list!

What are you getting your children this year?
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Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Well, you definitely have boys. I'm seeing a recurrent theme - construction, construction, construction. My son went through that phase, and occasionally returns to it still. My kids LOVE Playmobil. Nicholas just got the Playmobil hospital and Castle for his birthday and I'm still trying to assemble them. I go CRAZY at Christmas - it makes my husband crazy too, so I just don't let him shop with me when I'm buying things for the kids. Its just easier that way.

Mad Mom said...

I have noooo idea. I need to get on that. The problem is that my guy's birthday is November 20th so we just got a truckload of toys... I don't want to rip him off because his birthday's close to Christmas, though. I think we'll go with "older" toys that he'll be able to play with in the spring. He's too young to know the difference now.

Christy said...

Great gifts! I'm sure they'll both be so happy!

Our daughter is getting a kitchen and shopping cart from her grandparents, and we're getting her a musical ensemble and penguin bowling pin set! Along with some small toys, etc. Oh, and her aunt and uncle got her her very first dollhouse! How fun!

Lindsay said...

Your son's list looks like a carbon copy of mine! We have been asking Santa for the Bruder truck, to match all of the ones that he has right now, and he has them all! I love the playmobil stuff, we have debated buying it for him. Do you really love it?

Loukia said...

If I had a girl, I'd be so excited to get her a dollhouse... with all the real furniture... so I could play with it! LOL!

David Pylyp said...

Definitely see that you care for your family,

Oh Santa I've been good, Oh Santa could ......

Leave me that Radio control Helicopter for Christmas

You know Just to hover around the office.

S Club Mama said...

I'm also done with my boys' Christmas shopping - even for their birthdays in July! haha

I only have my sister, my FIL, my BIL, and my dad to buy for and I know exactly what each are getting but this snow has to let up and let me get it done.

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

I bow to you! I have NOTHING (okay two gifts) done so far. How sad is that? :(

I've got major work to do!

Nicole said...

I love it! They are going to be so excited when they get to open up all these great gifts.

Since my daughter is only 5 1/2 months old, she isn't getting much. I bought her a whole bunch of winter clothes, and then we will get her a few teething toys.

T Rex Mom said...

Wow! We want to raid your tree - sounds like it's going to be one fun Christmas morning.

I, too, am done shopping - actually done for everyone! I made most of my gifts so I had to start early. Feels good to get is done. And also wanted it done in case the baby comes early. Hopefully not that early, but just in case.

You'll have to let us know what the kids think of their gifts!

Tiffany said...

Awww, great job, Mommy!!

Chrissy MacCEO said...

Great job! Doesn't it feel good to be done this early!?! The next 2 weeks are going to fly by anyway!

Santa is leaving my 5 year old a Razor Scooter and the 3 year old daughter Dora's talking kitchen. Then they'll both have 5 or 6 other smaller gifts to open from Mommy & Daddy.

This year, I am trying something new. I am only putting togheter the gifts that are from "Santa" and it's 1-2 things each, then the rest I am wrapped and those are from Mommy & Daddy for being good kids ALL YEAR.

Miss Shops-a-lot said...

Great gofts Loukia! Where did you get that zamboni? My son would love it!

Lady Mama said...

Ooh great list! I love seeing what other people buy for their kids. And oh my gawd, that ride-on digger from Peg Perego - I might have to get one. We're into construction vehicles in a big way here too.

Pres. Kathy said...

It is such a nice feeling to be done with Christmas shopping. I wish I could say I am there, but there is still one or two things I need to get.

ModernMom said...

I'm about half way done for my girls. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I spent a Zellers yesterday so I won't! Ha. Seems as the girls get older the gifts get smaller in size and bigger in price!

Ohhh Must get off this computer and go do some shopping!

Mom2Miles said...

My goodness, girl! Where are you going to store all those vehicles?? You're going to need to build an extra garage! My boys would love that stuff & you gave me some ideas for my niece who loves to "pretend" to cook. thanks!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Your theme is just like mine! Construction and chainsaws! Asher has 2 chainsaws, but when he saw the pic of this one, he went TOTALLY nuts and wants it.
He got a ton of John Deere stuff. Except he already has so much that we had a hard time finding new stuff he didn't already had and had to order a lot.
Elijah is getting new Wii games, lego sets, space toys, meteorites, space books, clothing, a moon lamp (super cool) and I still need a few things for him. I need to finish- now!
Oh, and they both got new bedding sets. Elijah got a space theme and asher got John Deere bedding. NOt my choices, but it will make them happy!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Cool stuff! I'm still on the hunt for a drum set. Ugh. It's killing me. I want to get one from Amazon, but my husband still wants to shop around a bit...but if he doesn't find something soon -- like tonight -- I'm placing my Amazon order! I don't want to run the risk of not having it in time!

I also just picked up some wooden puzzles (he's in love with them right now) and some guitar accessories. Guitar stand, guitar picks, a new guitar strap, and some extra strings. When you have a 2.5 year old guitar player, you can never have enough extra strings. :-)

Congrats on getting your boys' shopping done!

blueviolet said...

I love what you've picked out!!!

CaraBee said...

Look at you all prepared and stuff. I'm impressed!

I have no idea what I'm getting for Sophie. No. Idea. Neil asked me the other day, and I was like UMMMMM. I'm sort of a last minute shopper. And since I don't have to ship hers and she'll only sort of know what's going on anyway, I can be a little lax.

Jessica said...

Ha! THis is adorable. I love all of the TRUCKS! And omg. Please, pretty please take a picture of what the tree looks like after Santa comes, and before the boys see it... I dream about the space to hold all of that! So fun. We're in a real cooking mode here too, I somehow managed to squeeze a kid-sized kitchen into our 750 sqft apt. What we do for our babes :) I'm really impressed you have all of this shopping done too. Bravo, mama!

Elaine A. said...

I'm done too! And I'm so excited about it. I'm actually ahead of the game this year and did a lot of shopping online. Now for everything to show up so I can wrap it all! : )

My toddler loves playing kitchen right now. They'd have so much fun together!

Your boys are going to love all of their wonderful gifts - it is SO fun to shop for our kiddos...

Jessica said...

I haven't actually purchased anything, BUT, I have a spreadsheet with everyone's names on it with their gifts, where I'm going to buy it and the cost all set to go. That I had done in OCTOBER. hehehe. I LOVE this time of year!

PS: LOVE all those toys.

Krystyn said...

Wow! You've got some crafty boys.

We're doing art stuff this year and some clothes. Very small budget so we aren't doing much.

Kristin said...

Noooooo. We got our dude the little tykes car. I wish we'd seen the firetruck!