Sugar and spice and all that is... not-so-nice!

I don't often do a lot of complaining on my blog. (Or maybe I do, and I just don't realize it?) I usually save that for 'real life', where I complain ad nauseam to those closest to me. They love me for it, really, they do! And I do have a lot to be thankful for, and I am, truly, thankful for so much. But hey, with only a few days left in 2009, I figured a little complaining on my blog would be acceptable, no? I'm not always sugar and spice! I can be all sour too, sometimes.

Here are some things that are bothering me today, in no particular order:

1. The weather. We were blessed with pretty mild temperatures over the Christmas holidays - in fact, I actually said out loud yesterday: "It's such a nice day!" and if you know me at all, you'd know that I never utter those words between the months of November to April, because, well, I don't like the cold, I don't like winter, and I hate the snow. And yet, I still live in Canada. Go figure. Today, however, is minus 30 degrees celsius outside. It's so cold, I almost couldn't open my window to get into my parking lot at work. It's so cold, I had my car running for a good 30 minutes before I left the house this morning. And there was still ice on it! I know, I know, that's terrible for the environment, but this weather is terrible for humanity, period... which brings me to reason number 2 I'm pissed off today:

2. We have been sick in our house since about the beginning of November. Seriously, it has been back-to-back colds for my boys, and for myself. They had ear infections over Christmas, then they got conjectivitis, and then sore throats, and now, fresh new colds equipped with runny noses and non-stop coughing fits. It's horrible! We have gone through SO much Advil these last few months. Winter always makes us get sick more often. We really shouldn't live this far North, you know. It's just not good for our health!

3. There are longer than usual delays at airports because of a recent unsuccessful terrorist attack on a flight that took place on Christmas Day in the United States. The level of infuriation I have towards terrorists is on a whole other level, and the words I have for these 'sub-humans' are words that will not be uttered here, but let's just say... I don't consider these people human at all. In fact, I believe they were born missing a brain. Or something. There is no other explanation for this disgusting behaviour. Non-human, if you ask me. I'm not happy that innocent, sane people who like to travel have to have their lives inconvenienced because some idiots chose to do stupid things on planes. I don't like the fact that we all have to, including my children, for crying out loud, take off our shoes as we go through security in some airports. I don't like the fact that my son's favourite ball (that was filled with water and sparkles) was taken from him on our last trip to the USA, because it contained liquid. Do you know how hard it was to explain to a 4 year old why his favourite ball was taken away from him? It was nearly impossible for me to figure out what to tell him. He felt like he did something wrong. Thanks a lot, idiots, who have made travelling by air a lot more stressful for the rest of us sane people! No, I'm not happy that there are new rules with what carry-on luggage is allowed on planes. I have two small children - I NEED carry-on luggage! Don't tell me I can't bring snacks, water, crayons, books, paper, and toys for my boys on the plane! I'm glad my purse is really big, because worse case, I can stuff my children's DVD player in there, and diapers, and some snacks. At least. Otherwise, the other passengers on our plane will have to serve as my baby's entertainment! I apologize ahead of time...

4. A police officer was killed earlier today, stabbed outside one of our hospitals. Apparently he was the father of three small children. This story is tragic. There are two things I don't tolerate: anyone harming and killing children, and anyone killing people who are there to serve and protect us - police officers, fire fighters, doctors, etc. No. That is NOT acceptable, ever. And I just know with our very weak legal system, the suspect - an RCMP officer, believe it or not, who actually had previously threatened to kill an official in a church in Regina a few years ago, will probably not get the full lifetime sentence he deserves - he should be behind bars forever, period, after the heinous crime he committed. I hate how weak our legal system is, sometimes.

5. There was a huge explosion at 5 a.m. that woke me up. At first I thought my baby had fallen out of my bed, but no, he was sleeping peacefully beside me, still, as was my 4 year old. My mom, who lives 20 minutes away from me, also heard the same explosion at the same time. So did many other people I have spoken to who live even further away from me. However, no one knows what this big bang was. No one. It will forever remain a mystery, and now I have to jump to conclusions like: maybe a UFO landed in some remote forest, maybe dinosaurs are making a comeback, maybe the earth shifted, maybe we all sank a little lower into the earth. I mean, it was LOUD and it was felt ALL around town. What else could it possibly be? Do you have any theories? I'd love to hear them!

That's it... of course, there are a few more things that are annoying me today, but I promised to keep this short and um, sweet. So that's it. I promise, from now until 2010, there will be no more angry posts.

Next up I'll be blogging about how I'm going to manage to pack one suitcase for myself and my two boys on our next vacation (we leave in a few weeks! Yay!) down south. Oh yes, one suitcase, 3 people. It can be done! I think. Even if it means mommy has to bring less than 5 pairs of shoes with her!

P.S. For a nicer post, you can read this here.
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MamaJoss said...

:( I know this kind of day VERY WELL. Hang in there Momma...things will look up.

It's pretty frigid here today too with subzero windchills...though I'm a snow-lover...insane, I know.

The explosion thing is sooo crazy - you've got to be hearing something about it maybe on the evening news???

Christy said...

Oh I hope you all are healthy soon and have a fabulous time down south! Complain away - it's your space!!!

Pres. Kathy said...

Once in a while we need to vent - I know how you feel. Moving away from my parents has been hard because I don;t have my mom to talk to. We are on the phone all the time!!!! I hope you all feel better soon! It stinks to be sick. Just think - you will be somewhere warm soon!!! As far as flying, things have gotten to tough. When my husband went to Arizona last winter, he said he and his other priest friend where asked to be furthered checked. He thinks it is because of their beards and cassocks. This last time he traveled to Europe, he wore his nice black suit and tie and he got the best service. Go figure!!! I am so happy that I found your blog in 2009 and look forward to 2010!

CalgaryDaddy said...

The Day Can only Get Better! I hope you feel better soon.

T Rex Mom said...

Actually, I had not noticed that you complain. Stating facts is not complaining.

You must be looking forward to some warmer weather when you head out on vacation. Hopefully, all the illness will be done by then. Be well! And stay warm!

Maniacal mom said...

So strange how NO ONE knows what your big bang was!! the news and see if it's all hush hush tonight. Working at the airport is hell too now with that Idiot! Do you know how easy it is to argue with someone over checking in their carry on?? It's not a suggestion MUST check your carry on!!!

Mom2Miles said...

You're allowed to complain! That is DAMN cold & I agree that terrorists & air travel suck. I'm so sorry about your son's ball. Stupid terrorists. I'm intrigued about this bang. If you find out what it was, let us know!

CaraBee said...

To continue on your rant: an 11 year old girl was found raped and murdered here in Baltimore. ON CHRISTMAS DAY. There aren't enough expletives for me to fully convey how much this pisses me off. (It breaks my heart, but the anger is easier to deal with than to think about that poor girl and her family. On Christmas mothereffing day.) The guy that did it should NEVER ever see blue sky again.

Loukia said...

Thanks for putting up with complain-y pants me today everyone! No word yet on the big bang... but so many people heard it, that I know it's something!!! But what???

Chelle said...

Vent away, hun. We all have those days when we just need to let it all out. {{hugs}}

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

These days happen and you are so allowed to complain sometimes! I am glad you are all okay - if a little sick. I hope you feel better soon!

Krystyn said...

If the people that were supposed to be doing their job would have been, none of this would have happened. Stuff like that ticks me off, too. Why do we have to be penalized for people reacting instead of being proactive!

PS, not liking the cold, here, either.

BeachMama said...

I hear you on all the complaints. Never did figure out the bang, except for that may have been the point that all of our houses chose to creak from the freezing cold (30degree drop in 8 hours, bangs are bound to happen).

Here's hoping that your New Year rings in healthier and ready for your trip south.