A Parent is Born - Blog Tour!

Nothing can quite prepare you for the moment when you first become a mom. No matter how much reading you do, no matter how much you think you know everything, it's the biggest life-changing moment of all. The second your baby is placed in your arms, your world changes... in a million different, beautiful ways.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I thought I was prepared. In some ways, I was - but I didn't have many close friends who were moms already. The one thing I wish I had? More tips and advice from other moms! Everyone I talked to painted a pretty picture for me, leaving out the dirty details like the fact that I wouldn't get a full night's sleep for months! (Years, actually.)

I didn't realize how worried I'd be every time my baby cried, and how difficult burping my baby would be. It was also challenging for me to find a comfortable position to breastfeed my baby in. I was also under the impression that I'd leave the hospital wearing my 'pre-pregnancy' jeans. Ha!

I really do wish I had more tips and advice back then. It would have really helped!

What tips would you offer new moms? Here's what I'd love to say to new or expectant moms:

You will still look pregnant after you have your baby - but don't worry! Your old body will eventually return. In the meantime, don't expect your old jeans to fit you quite yet!

The first 6 weeks will be the hardest. You will be serious sleep-deprived! Try to sleep whenever the baby sleeps - the housework can wait!

Accept help from your family and friends. The last thing you need to be worried about is cooking - let others do the work for you - your hands will be full with the new baby.

Feed your baby when he or she is hungry - not 'every 3 hours' which is what you may read in the books... when a baby is still so young, I think it is important to provide them with milk whenever they demand it.

Take lots and lots of pictures! Those first few months go by very quickly!

I would have loved for other moms to have shared their tips with me before I became a mom - I guess the transition wouldn't have been as shocking!

Well, Pampers is creating a Pampers Tips Sheet for new and expecting Canadian parents, filled with the best parenting tip - sent it by YOU! They'll pick the best advice and publish it in the Pampers Online Tips Sheet for new parents.

The top 25 tips (voted by Mom Central judges) will receive a $20 gift card, and one grand prize winner will receive $500! And all you have to do is let other new and expecting parents know what tips you consider to be most valuable!

Enter your tips here. Full contest details can be found on the website, too. You'll be asked for tips in 2 areas:

1. How to cope with going back to work

2. Baby/Mommy sleep tips (tips to help baby and mom get enough rest!)

You can enter tips on Mom Central's website until December 10th!

I partcipated in this blog tour as part of Mom Central's Blog Campaign, and in doing so, receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate.
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Freddae' said...

I would have loved productive tips too.

Shannon said...

My advice is that everyone will give you advice (wanted or not) and you nod and smile and do what works best for you and baby!

T Rex Mom said...

Great pointers. I like what you said about taking photos. We started off good but then went on a 2 month dry streak - probably due to sleep deprivation. But I sure wished I had photos from those couple months.

I'll do better this time around.

The Mommyologist said...

I think my biggest tip would be to throw every pre-conceived notion about parenting you have out the window because nothing will be as you expected! I'd also just love to tell other new moms that it is ok to feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and alone...we've all been there!

ModernMom said...

Oh if only someone had told me I would not be walking out of the hospital lighter then when I went in! LOL
I'd also tell new Mom's to try and remember there is no such thing as a perfect Mommy. It's ok if you don't have time to clean the house or even miss a shower once in a while. Give yourself a break!

EatPlayLove said...

I actually stepped on the scale at the hospital before leaving, big mistake. Big, big, mistake.

kat said...

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Anonymous said...

Blimey if only I knew half the things I know now with my 9month old I dont think I would be as stressed out as I am.

He was a gem in the early days but I would deffinately recomend having a set routine. We didnt and we are paying for it now - BELIEVE ME!

Lovely blog Loulou, look forward to the next entry. Drop by mine: www.katecollings.blogspot.com

Kate Collings

Summer said...

I wish someone had just told me how hard the first child would be....and how dramatically different it would change my life.


I was a bit shocked is all I can say!

The Crazy Baby Mama said...

yeah, no matter how ready you are, you're NEVER ready. never ever ever! (i have several friends who are dying to become mamas, and they think they have the whole thing figured out. i just laugh and laugh privately to myself while listening to them discuss how they will raise their theoretical babies.)

my best advice is to give yourself a break, and remember that babies are designed to survive newbie parents :)

Notes From the Grove said...

These are great tips! I'm not a mom yet so I'll take all the knowledge I can find!

Krystyn said...

Don't forget the netty panties and the fact that your nipples might bleed, and yes, breastfeeding DOES hurt when they first latch on!

And, yes, take all the help you can get!

Anonymous said...

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