An OH-Mc-Scary holiday interview!

You all know how much I love Christmas, right? You know what else I love? Awesome bloggers! And these 3 ladies - Jen, Jill and Pauline - are at the top of my 'must read daily' blogs list! I loved interviewing them in the past, so I thought it would be fitting to put together a festive q's and a's with them - enjoy!

With the holidays around the corner, what is your secret to making sure your husband gets you just what you want? And how early do you start dropping the hints? Like, "Oh, look! The Tiffany catalogue just arrived... " Or "My goodness, my Louis Vuitton is really feeling the brunt of carrying around sippy cups, wipes, diapers, toys and books all day every day for five years..."

McMommy: Hahahaha! OMG! Get me “just what I want”? Hahahahaha! I’m sorry! Seriously, I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing. It’s just that…well, if you know my husband….his idea of a fabulous present includes things like wires and RAM and motherboards and insert-more technical-language-that-I-don’t-understand-here. If I said the words “Louis Vuitton” to him, he’d want to know why I want a French man for Christmas.

Which brings me to... what are you asking for this year?

McMommy: A French man. Who answers to the name Louis Vuitton. Or a maid. But not a French maid. This present is for me, after all. Not my husband.

Jill: My husband and I don't go crazy with holiday gifts for each other. Gift giving really hasn't been so much fun since we started sharing a bank account. And a salary!

How early do you start your holiday shopping?

McMommy: How early? Um yeahhhh. Like four days early. I’m not exactly what you would call a “planner”.

Jill: I am totally inconsistent: Some gifts I will find months in advance. I love to stock up on baskets and filler when it goes on sale in January. But, somehow still, I always manage to be that idiot in Target on Christmas Eve.

How do you prepare for the craziness? Wine? Massages? Ear plugs?

McMommy: Uh, yeahhhhh, that’s the ticket! I drink a glass of wine every night to “prepare for the craziness”…yes, that’s why I do it! It’s a matter of holiday survival! I love the way you think, Mrs. LouLou! In fact, I’m feeling like we need a little more preparation around the McHouse. You can never be too prepared, you know.

What are you excited to buy for your children this year? (Note: Not something they have necessarily asked for - but something you can't wait to buy them anyway!)

McMommy: I helped the boys make “Wish Lists” this year. I let them cut out pictures of toys they wanted from catalogs and we taped them to big pieces of paper with the boys’ names on them. They looooved making these lists. So I’m excited to pick a couple things from their Wish List and see their reactions when they open them.

Jill: I am counting down the moments until I can play with Lily's new doll house furniture. I'm most definitely going to be more excited about it than she is. I'm also excited to give my kids walkie-talkies- I know they're going to love playing with them.

How many gifts on average does each child get? I don't really have a limit, which gets really out of hand, especially since my kids seem to have everything already! I even have to hide my purchases from my husband sometimes - we go way overboard with the give giving!

McMommy: We spoil our kids with gifts, but I try not to go overboard. They are still so little (5 years old and 2 years old) and they get overwhelmed with it all so easily! That’s the reason I’m not getting them the “real-life gas station” they put on their wish list. I mean, first of all? How would I even wrap that? Secondly? You may disagree with me but little kids shouldn’t play with gasoline. And finally, I don’t have the million dollars it costs to buy a real-life gas station. Sorry, kids. I bet you are wishing Dooce was your mother now, right?

Jill: We celebrate Hanukkah, so it's a present a night for a week. Some nights, they'll get a few little tiny things.

Pauline: We celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas as most Polish families do. So, on the 24th our entire family gathers after a 12 course meatless dinner and we welcome Santa into our home. Each child needs to demonstrate what they have learned through the year and then they are given a present. (I will blog about this soon as I did last year, teehee.) Typically, they get about four/five gifts that night. On Christmas day we open presents under our tree that we have purchased for one another. So my son buys a gift for both sisters and so on.... little gifts.

What are the 'must-buy' toys your kids are buzzing about this year? What do you think are the hottest finds out there right now for children that will likely be on your 'must-buy' list?

Jill: My kids aren't really old enough to be concerned with the hottest toys. I know that Ben will love anything dinosaur related, Evan will be thrilled with anything that makes noise and Lily just wants dolls. At the moment, they're pretty easy to buy for!

Pauline: My 7 and 5 year old are getting ipods this year. I can't stand filling up my house with more plastic toys made-in-china that will be tossed aside before Easter. They love music and dancing and are old enough in my eyes to be responsible for something like an ipod. I can't wait to see their faces when they get them.

Do you ever use the "Oh... remember... Santa knows if you've been good or bad!" tactic? I do, and I feel terrible doing it, but you know? It actually works!

McMommy: I’ve been using that line since April.

Pauline: Um yeah! Nearly everyday following Halloween.

Do you love to entertain around the holidays? What is your favourite holiday recipe, or favourite holiday treat you like to make? Or do you, because you've spent too much time shopping, opt to get food catered instead for your parties?

McMommy: We do a party every year called “The Eve of Christmas Eve” party. This tradition started many years ago with some friends, based upon the assumption that even though we worked, no one would REALLY be expected to concentrate and actually conduct business on Christmas Eve. Hence why we could stay out late and party it up. It’s one of my most favorite parties of the year because it is laid-back, fun, and most of all? No one comes expecting catered food. But you better have wine. You know, to help everyone “prepare for the craziness”.

Jill: I love entertaining in general, and the holidays are no exception. I refuse to get anything catered, though I usually end up regretting that. My favorite easiest recipe is a Kaluah dip-- it's super easy and always a huge hit!

Pauline: I am not a domestic Godess and always count on catering small get togethers, especially around the holidays. Nothing gets me more excited than researching locally owned places to cater my next event! At my next dinner party, after the village tree lighting ceremony, we are having Lebanese food. Nothing says Christmas like.... Lebanon. Right? I like to keep everyone on their toes and think that my guests enjoy it as well. They keep coming back!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas/Hannukuh?

McMommy: I’m sure I should be saying things like “The joy of the Christmas spirit!” or “The twinkle in my children’s eyes!” or something like that…..but one of my favorite things about Christmas is so simple: I love dimming the lights in the house every evening and turning on the Christmas tree lights and my lighted garland. I love that glow from the lights! Put on some Christmas music in the background and I’m on cloud nine.

Jill: Making gift baskets. I begin assembly style in November and for a month and a half, my dining room is turned into a holiday workshop. I love it, but it drives my husband totally crazy. Not that I care. :)

Pauline: I know it's sappy but I love giving gifts. Finding THAT perfect gift for my sister or watching my best friend open the gift I searched high and low for. I love gifts!

What songs do you love listening to over the holidays?

McMommy: Three of my favs: Baby It’s Cold Outside, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and All I Want For Christmas Is You. (I hate that I like a Mariah Carey song!!! Don’t tell anyone or my reputation is ruined!)

Jill: I adore Christmas music, but for my heritage's sake, I'll say AdamSandler's The Hanukkah Song. It always makes me smile.

Pauline: Last year, I couldn't get enough of Straight No Chasers the 12 days of Christmas. So much fun:

Do you have a particular special holiday memory?

Jill: I've always been sad missing out on the beautiful traditions of Christmas. I remember loving helping my best friend's family decorate her tree. It was just so warm and cozy, sipping hot chocolate and stringing popcorn- I loved it!

Pauline: The memory I associate most with is our tradition of sharing Christmas wafers with our family. Before sitting down for our meatless dinner, on Christmas Eve, we share our wafers with each member wishing them all sorts of things for the next year. Nothing made me smile more last year than witnessing my small children take part of our very old tradition.
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Theta Mom said...

Awesome interview girl! And I am still in that plastic toy stage. I'm actually looking forward to the ipod stage as McMommy said!

Nenette AM said...

OMG, the gifts! I'm like you, Loukia... I am out of control when it comes to gift giving to the kids. I need to rein it in this year, because as the kids get older, I notice that 75% of the gifts are dismissed about 5 minutes after opening. Waste of money and shopping time.
But yeah, the happy look on their faces when they first open those presents is honestly a drug for loving moms. That reaction is total crack for me. :)

McMommy said...

That was the most riveting interview ever! I SWEAR I'M NOT BIASED! :)

Christy said...

What a touching and fun interview with three lovely bloggers! Very well done Loukia - I really enjoyed your questions and their thoughts! Makes me want to dim the lights and put on all the christmas lights right now! But I'll wait till tonight. :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great interview was fun to read!

Lady Mama said...

Okay NOW I feel festive! What a fantastic post, Loukia! I love hearing about other people's special Christmas traditions (so I can steal them! Oh I mean make some new ones of my own). I've already gone a bit overboard with the gifts and like you, have started hiding them from my husband!

Jennifer said...

This was a great idea, and your questions were awesome. I loved reading this.

Frau said...

great interview! My hubby would also think LV was a french man. He is clueless.

Scary Mommy said...

Thanks, Loukia for including me. You laways do ask the best questions! xox

Crystal D said...

I love this post. I love hearing about everyone's favorite traditions this time of the year.
Ohhhh I am so happy that tomorrow is December. Eeeks!!

Crystal D said...

Oh and I can't wait for the ipod stage. I know Madeline would be OK with one big gift, but Amelia wouldn't understand. So for now we buy 100 little plastic things and unwrapping takes FOREVER. Paper and ribbons everywhere!!

CaraBee said...

Great interviews!

If I even mentioned Louis Vuitton my husband would just laugh. No chance of a new one coming into this house. Not by his doing, anyway. Sigh.

Mom2Miles said...

I just discovered the "Santa knows everything" discipline strategy & it is working like a CHARM on my 3 y.o.! I'm almost sorry Christmas will be here soon. Then I guess I'll have to switch to the Easter Bunny.

Elaine A. said...

I love it when you do the interview posts. And this one was triple the fun! : )

Marinka said...

Three of my favorites! You're like Barbara Walters!

Jessica said...

Fun interview, Loukia! I definitely have the holiday bug now :) xx

Nena said...

Fantastic interview! it is so great to get other Mom's perspective on things. I too seem to overspend on the kids at Christmas - but I just cannot resist. I love it!