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I interrupt my regular mommy blogging to bring you a post about some entertainment stories in the news right now. Regular blogging about my children, everything related to being a mom, my lack of culinary skills, my insane worries and ridiculous spending habits will resume shortly. I hope you enjoy this rather random post.

Fall is in full swing... well, I know it's not 'officially' fall yet, but it sure feels like it is because my oldest son is in kindergarten (yay!) and my baby boy is in nursery school. (Double yay!) Also, it's getting cold out, and the leaves are changing colours. And with fall comes, of course, the start of my favourite television shows!

Next Thursday, the number one trending topic on Twitter will be Grey's Anatomy because, well, it's the night of the season premiere! We were left with this incredible season finale, and I think it was the best season finale ever. I was shocked, nervous, sad and just completely freaked out. I know what's going to happen. Or so I think. After watching the trailer for the season premiere, I'm not so sure I know exactly what's going on anymore. So I guess we'll find out soon! I cannot wait to see it next Thursday. I'm also excited for The Office - the funniest show on television - and Desperate Housewives. The only new show I will watch with some regularity will be Glee - it is amazing so far! If I had more time, I'd love to watch Mad Men and Entourage, too! What are you most looking forward to seeing on TV this fall?

Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favourite movies. I used to dance, and I loved it, and this was THE best dancing movie of all time. It is truly a classic, and I have never met anyone who doesn't love that movie. I have watched Dirty Dancing more times than I can count. I know word for word every single scene. I know every single song off by heart and I have played the soundtrack hundreds of times. Patrick Swayze is awesome in it. He is probably the only guy who can dance that well and look good doing it. He passed away yesterday. And that made me really sad. It's sad because he was a great actor, and it's sad because he was such a decent human being. It sucks so much more when normal, kind-hearted people pass away. He was married for 34 years. That's like 100 years in Hollywood, you know. His real-life romance with his wife is such a beautiful love story. Here's to you, Johnny Castle - you'll live in our hearts forever. What are your favourite lines from Dirty Dancing? I always loved "I carried a watermelon." And, of course: "Nobody puts baby in a corner." I plan on watching Dirty Dancing again this week at some point... what about you?

From one good man to one immature child - Kanye West. Wow, that dude needs to seriously get out of the country or something. And maybe stop drinking so much. He needs to grow up! I am so embarrassed for him and his behaviour at the MTV VMA's. Who does something like that? Poor Taylor! And I don't even like country music! But thankfully, Beyonce is a classy lady and it was so nice of her to ask Taylor to join her on stage to accept her award. Kanye did call Taylor today to apologize, but still... he 'ain't no 50 Cent! Other thoughts from the MTV VMA's? Lady Gaga. I just love her music, but can't stand her style. I know she's all about being unique and outrageous but seriously... it's all quite clown-like. Not sexy at all, you know? She looks better in her videos! Eminem is still awesome. That guy is just pure talent. What did you think of Madonna's tribute to Mickael Jackson? There was no one else better suited to get up there and talk about him. Was she sincere, though? Janet Jackson gave quite the performance, too. What did you think of the VMA's? Who was best-dressed? I think Shakira looked great!

In other news... news that is just so not newsworthy and yet... I feel this need to blog about it - Jessica Simpson tweeted this yesterday: "My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!" Is that a crazy story, or what? Daisy has been with Jessica for years and goes everywhere with her. I feel terrible for Jessica - she hasn't really had a great year, you know? I think all she needs to do is pick up the phone and call Nick. They need to get back together. Pick up the phone, Jessica! You and Nick belong together!

Oh, I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to vote for me in the Everything Mom Write and Win Contest, because I won! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm excited about all the fabulous prizes, (100 dollars, a new printer, label maker, Mabel's Label's, Crayola products, 6 months of Fiji water delivery service, and so much more!) but mostly, I'm just happy that you took the time to read my story. Thanks again, everyone!

Next up: a list of my fall must-haves. What is the one thing you're looking forward to buying - or have already bought this fall?
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LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Kanye is just the worst kind of d-bag. You know, the one who thinks he's cool, powerful and meaningful, but everyone just thinks is ridiculous? Yep, that's him.
He ended his failing career that night. He can be pompous, arrogant, whatever, but that level of rudeness is totally unacceptable.

MamaJoss said...

Did you see Kanye on the Leno show last night? Pathetic...Leno asked him what his mother would have said and K was speechless for a loooong time...

...a lot going on in the TV world lately...I rarely watch TV, so twitter (and YOU) keep me informed :) Looking forward to Greys too!!

Lady Mama said...

So excited about Grey's next week!

LOVE Dirty Dancing (obviously).

Beyonce - you know, I wasn't all that keen on her before, after last night I have huge respect for her. That lady has class.

And congrats again on the contest - that's awesome you won!

Lorraine said...

Hey that's great that you won:) I voted for you.

I couldn't agree with you more about Kanye! What a loser. Why would he want to ruin someone's moment like that? How selfish!

We don't have TV so I won't be watching much of anything. Except re-runs on YouTube:)

My cousin and I used to watch Dirty Dancing and Grease at our cottage every summer for years:) Know them both by heart and still love them:)

I hadn't heard that story about Jessica's dog. Weird story. And I do agree that her and Nick should reunite:)

Thanks for the fun post.

CaraBee said...

Patrick Swayze. Sigh. He will be missed.

Kanye is a total tool. Not that I listened to him before, but he is officially and permanently off my playlist. How funny is it that Obama called him a jackass?! That had to smart.

Mad Men is SOO good, you really should give it a go!!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous said...

Ack!! Thanks for the recap Loukia! I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time for entertainment news! Actually, I think I've almost stopped watchng TV since I've started Blogging and Twittering, and playing tennis too! And you know what's funny? I don't miss it at all!

Avitable said...

It was nice to see how classy Beyonce was about the whole thing, because Taylor Swift was apparently in tears backstage after getting her award.

Burgh Baby said...

Congrats on winning the contest!

Mom2Miles said...

I agree re: Kanye. What a jerk that guy is, huh? Now I'm hearing it may have been a publicity stunt. Either way, the guy's an ass. Do you think "Glee" is regretting using his "Gold Digger" song in the first episode?

All my favorite shows have been cancelled, I think. Except "Ugly Betty." That's still on, right??

Jessica said...

It's all a little overwhelming, isn't it?? SUPER sad about Daisy.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I agree with the census on Kanye. What a brat.

Scattered Mom said...

Omg Loukia, you WON? How cool! I'm so happy for you!! ;)

I watched Madonna's speech remembering Michael Jackson, and I actually cried. She did a fantastic job.

Kanye horrified me though-the worst part was the look on Taylor's face, and the Mom in me just wanted to tear a strip off the man. I think it's hilarious that the President called him a Jackass. Taylor really handled it with grace, though.

That Girl39 said...

So glad you little boy has settled into school.. its such a relief isn't it? Loved your entertainment post... there certainly has been a lot to discuss this week! And Greys??? OMG I love that show and can't wait to it shows over here... think it'll be a while yet though. The season finale was such a great one... Other Half and I just sat there looking at each other when it finished with jaws dropping! Bring it on I say! x

Liparazzi said...

I loved reading all the gossip...have you heard the tape recording of B Obama saying that Kanye West is a Jackass?ha ha. They recorded it before a television interview. It was so funny to hear him talking like that.Great blog, come say hi on mine sometime xxx

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Loved this post, you read my mind a ton of times!

I didn't hear about Jessica's Daisy, but I DO wish she and Nick would wind up together again. I'm such a sucker ... ahem, sap.

"I carried a watermelon" is my absolute FAVORITE line of that movie. I loved it, loved it, and am so saddened by Patrick's passing.

Anonymous said...

My synopsis:

Grey's Anatomy - Please don't die George!!!

Dearest Patrick Swayze, I miss you already.


Jessica Simpson - The doggy is gone, get a clue.

BeachMama said...

Yay Loukia!! Congratulations on winning!

And I just watched that Glee trailer,looks fun. I also agree with you about Nick and Jessica, they so belong together.