On mascots

I have always loved the Olympics, especially watching the opening ceremonies. I was really proud when the Olympics were in Athens in 2004. Back to the mother-land, baby!

I found the opening ceremony to be just breathtaking and well put together, which, being Greek, came as kind of a shock to me, knowing first hand how lazy Greek people can be in getting things done! There were also huge delays with getting the new Athens airport open and ready in time for the Olympics, but in the end, it all worked out.

The only thing that still, to this day, totally irritates me about the Olympics of 2004? These mascots. Good God, those mascots are the ugliest things I have ever seen!

They totally belong to South Park's island of misfit mascots, wouldn't you agree?

So, I read about the history of mascots in regards to the Olympics, and I found this:

"A mascot is able to materialize the Olympic spirit, communicate the concepts of each Olympic Games, promote the history and culutre of the host city and create a festive atmosphere for the Games. The macots must be able to convey the theme of the Olympic Games, showcasing the distinctive geographical features, history and culutre unnique to the host city."

Dear God. Are these mascots what people from around the world think of Greek people?

I'd much rather look like this cute little beaver, Canada's mascot for the upcoming 2010 winter games.

Go Vancouver 2010!
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m said...

I hated these mascots too - they made no sense. And I am happy to say that I am NOT afraid of blimps!!

Catwoman said...

Were those mascots for Athens drawn by a drunk 7-year old? YIKES!!!

I love the Vancouver beaver! Too freaking cute!

Chantal said...

I agree, the Athens mascots were lame. The Van ones rock! My son has a hoodie with one on it. He loves it. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Manager of Athens Olympic Games, I was wondering why, with all the rich history and culture of Greece, you based the mascot design on a yeti? Yours confusedly, Mrs Loulou.

ModernMom said...

Yepp. 2010 Mascot is def cuter!

Melanie and John said...


I have to respectfully disagree with you about Athena and Phevos -- I love those mascots! They're actually based on the look of an Ancient Greek toy

I liked them so much that when we were at the 2004 Games we bought Ath+Phe t-shirts plus two stuffed dolls! LOL

The worst Olympic mascot was "Izzy" from Atlanta 1996.

Or perhaps poor "Anik" from Montreal 1976.

Bye for now! Greetings from Switzerland!

Loukia said...

Hi, John! Hope you guys are doing well and having fun!

Okay, so I'm ashamed to admit I did not know the Greek mascots were based on that ancient toy - that changes my perspective a bit, although... I still think they are kind of ugly!

As for Izzy... OMG. Disaster! Horrible!

daddybookins said...

Aren't the mascots so cute and funny looking!?!

I am trying to convince the whole fam to go up to Vancouver for the Olympics. Not sure it will happen though, it's been almost 10 yrs since the mrs. and I have been that way...

~daddy b

Gina said...

John- I agree with you completely about those 2 worst mascots! omg what were they THINKING!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Are you planning on coming to Vancouver for 2010? We could meet IRL!!!

Melanie and John said...

I have found the world's best mascot! Berlino the Bear, from the current World track championships. Read about his antics and weep!

click here.