I turn the floor to you!

To all my Canadian friends... hope you had a great Canada Day! We made it downtown yesterday, and got there early enough to score awesome parking. It was different seeing Canada Day downtown during the day, with the kids, as opposed to at night, with friends, and lots of alcohol consumption! The kids had a blast at Major's Hill Park, and then we made it home in time for Dimitry's nap. It was a sea of red and white downtown, which was so nice to see. I was feeling especially patriotic yesterday! I love this great country we live in. My appreciation for Canada has increased a lot since becoming a mom.

Now I'm looking forward to partying it up at the US Ambassador's house in Rockcliffe on Saturday for his annual 4th of July party! I am still undecided about what dress to wear. And shoes. And which purse to bring. Decisions, decisions!

In other news, I got scolded by my almost 4 year old yesterday. I vacuumed, and I left the vacuum lying on the floor so I could do something else. My son saw this, and turns to me and says:

"Mom - never leave the vacuum near the stairs. Someone could trip and fall." Then he pretends to trip, and says: "See? I almost fell."

He's hilarious.

Now, I'm going to turn the floor to you.

I feel like doing a Q and A session for an upcoming blog post.

But I need YOU to ask ME some questions! Anything will do - nothing is off-topic, and I will be brutally honest!

So... ask away, bloggy friends!
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Christy said...

Well you'll have to take a pic of whatever outfit you decide on! Sounds like you'll be attend a fabulous party. Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

When you were an intern at Entertainment Tonight did you ever catch a glimpse of anyone famous? Cheesy question, but I'm curious.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

What's inside your closet?
Can we get a little peekie poo??

I told ya that I was nosey!

ModernMom said...

Hmmm. How about. What was your scariest parenting moment? We've all had one.

Amy said...

Okay Lou... *rolls up sleeves*

A lot of the pictures of your boys are taken at fairs or festivals or parties at friends houses or vacations or holidays, etc, etc, etc. So I am asking this with a grain of understanding, knowing that these places aren't normal eating circumstances... but please tell me your boys eat something other than hot dogs, giant suckers, cotton candy and beaver tails?? *grins*

Also, seeing as you've mentioned it yourself many times on this blog, how do you think you'll manage the teenage years if you (admittedly) can't say 'no' to your boys? I don't think they're suddenly going to NOT be cute, so if you're waiting for that day to arrive, forget about it!

Anonymous said...

I want to know how on earth you stay so gorgeous!

Lady Mama said...

Haha what a brilliant comment by your four year-old. See, this is (partly) why blogging is so great, because you can remind yourself and him that he said that when he's older.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Managed Chaos said...

I like the idea of getting aphoto of your closet, especially since the clothes fairy comes all the times and you NEVER have anything to wear ;o)

Favorite pair of shoes?

Elaine A. said...

I always like to know how people met their spouses. So tell us, how did you meet your man?

Happy belated Canada Day! : )

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Dearest Loukia (yes I'm buttering you up). I would like to know the following:
1. Can I have all your clothes, shoes, and handbag hand-me-downs.

2. Do you and your husband fight in Greek, English or Gringlish?

3. What's your Ottawa neighborhood like?

4. What's the best food/dessert your YiaYia makes, and would she be interested in a bake-off with my mom?

Maria @BOREDmommy

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm new here - so I don't know what you've already covered in the past... But I'm always interested in style-related topics. It's been mentioned that you are always very put together (I've noticed that in the pictures too). What do you actually do to get ready every morning? Do you wake up early to have a little get ready time or are you lucky if you get to wash your face before noon? I'm going to be a SAHM mom in a couple of weeks, and while I'm pretty low maintenance, I'm afraid of completely letting myself go...

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I need to know your beauty secrets. All of them! Share girlfriend, because you are gorgeous!

SC said...

OMG Loukia - that's made me laugh!!! At least you know that you get it from your mother... some people have character traits that they have no idea where they come from and spend endless hours wondering WHY they are the way they are!

My first thought when somebody cuts the power is "Shit, no internet"! LOL!

Jessica said...

Ooh! I like the "beauty secrets" question!

And, how do you do all that you do?? Not only do you work full time, but you also are very active in the blogging community (lots of tweets & posts & bloggy friends), spend quality time with your boys & family, & maintain a marriage! What the hell, girl! Tell me how you're Super Woman!