Whole wheat eggs

It's no secret - I'm not good in the kitchen. I can't really cook. Every time I do try to cook, my kitchen looks like an earthquake just hit it. This really infuriates my husband, who is great in the kitchen and is a total neat freak when it comes to the kitchen.

When we first got married, we were grocery shopping. He had just picked up a carton of eggs - brown eggs.

I said to him, "I do not eat whole wheat eggs."

He just stared at me. You can imagine what must have been running through his head...

Well, yes, I did think brown eggs were whole wheat, for some bizarre reason. I mean, I'm sure if I really thought about it, I would have realized how completely silly that statement was, but it's the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw that he was about to buy brown eggs. Since then, I don't really care what colour my eggs are because, well, they do taste the same. I'm still not sure why some are brown, though. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this phenomena.

So, yeah. I suck in the kitchen. But there are a few things I can make.


Grilled Cheese
Macaroni and Cheese
Spaghetti and meat sause
Chicken parm
Greek salad
Macaroni soup
Pita or english muffin pizza
Peanut butter sandwiches
Mashed potatoes
Eggs - any way, baby! I recently learned how to make scrambled eggs. Don't laugh at me. Or, go ahead and laugh. I laugh at myself all the time.

So, you see - my list is rather limited. I do want to change this. I told myself when I was on maternity leave with my first baby that I would cook all the time. I made dinner for my husband once. Pepper steak. I was on the phone with my mom, almost in tears, because I had to touch the meat with my hands and it was freaking me out. Then, when I was on maternity leave with my second baby, I swore that I would cook all the time. Nothng much changed, for some reason. I was just too busy to find the time to cook.

You would think that someone who spends as much time in the grocery store as I do would know how to cook, but I just don't. I see recipes and they scare me.

The other day, a friend brought over some chocolate for fondue, and some fruit. I was getting the chocolate ready to warm up, and the instructions said: "Melt over hot water." Or something like that. So, I filled up a pot of water, and was just about to put the chocolate IN the water, when my mom asked me what I was doing. "It says melt over hot water!" She just sighed, and took over. (What she did was place the chocolate in a pot, and then placed that pot over another pot of hot water on the stove. Wow! I think what you're suppose to use is a double broiler? Or something?)

It was great chocolate fondue, let me tell you. I'm so glad she came to my rescue!

Have you had any disasters in the kitchen? Or are you all just good at cooking? I hope I'm not the only one without a clue!
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Anonymous said...

I so hear you on the 'going to cook up a storm when on mat leave'. Yeah, that and keep a clean house and practice yoga daily. Then maternity leave (and reality) hit. I'm still not a very good cook, but I am trying harder, trying to avoid giving the kids too much processed stuff - I say as my 2 youngest sit eating freezies for their morning snack! Oh, help us both :-)

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Whole Wheat Eggs - ahahaha - that kind of reminded me of Jessica Simpson and the buffalo wings ("I don't eat buffalo!!) - no offense. My list of things is basically anything the kids will eat (which isn't very much). I have tons of cookbooks - I LOVE them. They are my favorite thing to buy, but putting them into practice is a whole other story. Even why I make something, and it turns out alright, my husband is bound to cover it in some condiment, which I find highly annoying. Let's just say I won't be hosting any dinner parties soon unless it means pizza and beer. Although whenever I do have people over for kids parties, etc, my dad caters. Yeah for me.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I still don't know why some eggs are brown??

I don't think I like whole wheat eggs either....never had them.

I HATE cooking. I only do it because we have to eat. That's the only reason!

Chantal said...

WW eggs! Love it. I am okay in the kitchen, I can follow a recipe but I am still learning how to improvise. My "creations" don't always taste very good.

CaraBee said...

I'm like Chantal. If I have a recipe, I can do a pretty good job of following it. I am not as good at creating my own stuff, though. I can do basics, but I don't have a very good feel for what flavors work well together, beyond the obvious.

About brown eggs, you're going to think I'm lying, but it has to do with the color of the chicken. White chicken=white egg, brown or black chicken=brown eggs. And they are no healthier than white ones, that's a myth.

anya said...

I'm a terrible cook. Of course I have to feed my family, so I try, but it usually takes me a few tries before a recipe is edible. (Baking is another story.)
I grew up in a traditional home where my mom did all the cooking, cleaning, raising the kids, etc. One time my Mom went to visit her Mother and my Dad was left to feed us. He didn't even know how to "boil toast" - as we still joke!

Jen said...

I agree with Maria--this post totally reminded me of something Jessica Simpson would say. Hahaha!

No major cooking disasters to speak of. I'm a pretty decent cook. I can't seem to master my new grill though. Everything that I cook on it turns into a piece of leather.

Loukia said...

I don't mind being compared to Jessica Simpson! I only wish I had her wardrobe though. And her personal trainer! And her collection of purses! ;)

Jessica said...

Hilarious. Cooking just takes practice! I've always loved it and soaked up info in cooking shoes on public television when I was a kid and young adult: Julia Child, Jaque Pepin, Lydia Giomo (you have no idea who these people are, do you? hahaha). In any case, when the Food Network came around I was in h e a v e n. I learned techniques, philosophies, "rules," anything and everything from watching round the clock cooking shows.

All this to say, it just really takes practice!

Amy said...

You can also get blue eggs and even light pink ones.

I'm a pretty good cook - so I'm told. BUT I make a HUUUUGE mess when I cook. Drives my husband crazy since he's the one who cleans up.

Scattered Mom said...

I LOVE to cook, and bake too. It does take practice though. I learned real fast when I became foster mom to 4 teens at 21 years old.

You are totally welcome to browse through any of my recipes at Notes From the Cookie Jar (I'm not sure if you noticed I have a huge recipe section). I'd be happy to answer any questions or point you to easy recipes! :)

Connie Weiss said...

Oh honey! I love to cook! I consider myself a foodie and I have a food blog called Tales From The Fridge!

If you enjoy cooking you should really try to experiment.

I love that you thought brown eggs were whole wheat...that is darling!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

So funny! I would have been crying about the pepper steak too. (I've never cooked meat in my life. I'm a vegetarian. I'm lucky I married a guy who doesn't mind a meatless house!) I love cooking though! Especially now. I'm finally able to eat dinner with my family after 8 years of working nights in the news business. It's one of my favorite things about being a stay-at-home mom.

I have to say -- your list of dishes is not too shabby! I wouldn't have the first clue about Chicken Parm. ;-) And I believe there's an art to making a good bowl of mashed potatoes!