Random things on my mind

I am obsessed with checking the 'best before' and 'expired' dates on all food packaging. I freak out if I eat something, only to realize after I ate it, that it had expired. I tend to freak out more if I have consumed something that has 'expired' because 'best before' does not sound as scary, you know?

I think I spend too much money on dry cleaning my clothes. But they say 'dry clean only' on them, so I have no other choice. Except, since I do spend so much money dry cleaning my clothes, shouldn't I instead just buy a few new outfits a week so I don't have to spend money on dry cleaning? Wouldn't that make sense? Also? Why is that every time I wear something that is just back from the cleaners my children will of course get me all dirty with their chocolate covered hands?

I don't understand how a week after I re-organize my cloest, and hang things up in a neat orderly fashion by colour, type of shirt, length of sleeves, it looks like a disaster again? Why can't I just keep my closet looking good? And why, even though there is literally no more room in my walk-in closet, do I complain that I have nothing to wear?

Why, even though I leave tons of toys and the TV on for my baby in the morning in my room so I can use to washroom in peace, does he come in to hang out with me while I'm trying to get ready? As much as I love him, it takes me at least an extra 20 minutes to get ready because I have to keep picking him up to move him away from the toilet. Why can't I just come to terms with the fact that I actually have to wake up before he does to get myself ready?

And why do I complain I am so tired when my boys usually go to bed at a decent hour, when I could just go to bed at the same time as them, but instead, I stay up to blog and then read and then finally go to bed at 1 a.m ?

Why is it that even though we have every toy and book imaginable in our house, my boys want to play or use the same thing at the exact same time causing a battle and tears? Why is that?

And why is it that the only time I'll forget the diaper bag at home, or simply not take it with me because we're only going to the grocery store, will be the one time my baby will most certainly need his diaper changed? Argh, I hate using public bathrooms to change my baby!

And really? Why is dieting so darn hard?
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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I cannot tell you the answer to this, as I struggle with the same! It is so funny to hear someone else say the same things!

Shannon (AnchorMommy) said...

I love this -- random thoughts are so funny, but so true! I totally hear you on the morning prep routine. I have the same problem! And I too, stay up WAY too late. I was on the computer for 2 hours last night, and still decided to read a magazine before turning out the light -- at 1 am! Needless to say, I am chugging coffee this morning.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Do it! I loved yours! The baby gate is the most fantastic idea...I had never thought of that! I may need to dig ours back out now!

Jessica said...

It's Murphy's Law. All of it. Kids always want what others have. Whether its your makeup or a toy. We're just little heathens that way hahaha.

By the way, re: dieting I'm taking on a new philosophy used by my husband: Don't change what you eat (because most of us probably eat decently, even with the occasional overeating of that DELISH dinner or whatever), just work out more.

Since changing what I eat has never yielded anything for me except a crappy attitude I'm giving it a go. I just started a new workout on Monday, so we'll see how it goes!

Lady Mama said...

Yeah, I tend to avoid buying things that need dry cleaning for that reason, or things that need ironing for that matter! haha

The closet thing - I've given up. It's going to be in a perpetual state of messiness and that's life (mine anyway!).

And yes, about the going to bed late thing - I do too. But you know, it's the one time that's really ours during the entire day, so it's no wonder we want it to last as long as possible.

Lola said...

ditto, ibid_ I can relate to most of these issues. Especially the expired dates!

BeachMama said...

I love your random list. I leave my diaper bag in the car, that way I always have a change in the car, even if I don't bring it into the store.

Rebecca said...

You have said many things that are oh so true in this post.

My husband won't eat food unless it's before the best before. So if it's 'best before Jun 3' he'll only eat it up to June 2. I don't care as long as it's within a few days and things don't look or smell funny.

And I hear you about being tired after staying up on twitter, blogging etc. until late. crazy.

CaraBee said...

My husband is a "best before" fanatic. Me? As long as it smells okay and isn't moldy, I'll eat it. Grossed out yet? I do the same thing every night. My daughter goes to bed by 8 and I stay up until midnight (or later) and then bitch because she gets up at 6 and I've only had 6 hours of sleep. I'm a masochist.

Lisa said...

I just threw out some organic free-range chicken, that cost WAY too much money, just because I "wasn't sure" when I defrosted it. I HATE throwing out food! And, here it is 11:15 pm and I'm exhausted. Why aren't we in bed?? Damn these interesting blogs!! ;) Can't seem to pry myself away...

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I can relate to almost all of these as I sit here blogging very late with a pint of Haagen-Dazs!!!

Elisa said...

I have no answer to your questions, as I ask most of the myself in some form. But the dieting? It's because it makes us feel deprived. And we don't like feeling deprived!!

Julie said...

I wash all my stuff, whether it says dry clean or not. And they seem to be fine. Even put some of them in the drier! Means a bit more ironing, but I am a very lucky woman and marrier an ex-military man who irons!!

I'm like CaraBee, I eat it if it doesn't look "weird" or smell bad. Too cheap to through anything out! ;-)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

amen - when you get the answers - let me know okay - I usually stay up way tooooooo late too! It's the only time I can talk on the phone without someone bugging me - after 10 PM! or blog or read or watch television - BUT last night - I shut the computer off, turned the tv off and went to bed at 10:30 PM - a miracle for me - man - I feel so good this morning!

Kelly said...

I could have almost written the exact same post. I grew up drinking fresh cow milk which was never older than two days so now I won't drink milk if it's a day or so before the expiration date. Some things like bread I don't care so much about.

I rarely buy anything that needs to be dry cleaned and if I do I hardly ever wear it. But that might change if/when I start working and can't wear jeans all the time.

My closest is a disaster too. I should throw out some of the stuff I don't wear anymore but I am scared that one day I'll need it. My closet is full but there is never the right outfit for me.

I never wake up before my kids. Luckily as a stay-at-home mom i can wait until my youngest has a nap before showering. But then I can't go anywhere in the morning.

My kids sleep really well to but I'm always tired because I stay up too late. But when else are we going to have alone time?