My McFabulous interview

So, having worked in television and radio for several years, I met some pretty interesting people and had a few fun interviews. However - nothing as awesome as this!

The one and only McMommy agreed to be interviewed on my blog! And she's just fabulous, you know? Of course you know! It comes as no surprise to me that she also lives in my most favourite state ever. I think she is so cheerful because she is surrounded by palm trees. I would be that happy all the time, too! In fact, I am happier when palm trees are near. So are my boys. I think we need to move. At least for the winters!

So, without further ado (or is adu? Or adieu?)... THE interview!

What made you start your blog? How did you think up your clever name?

I lost a dare. And so, the consequence was that I needed to share the explicit details of my life with complete and total strangers. Forever and ever amen.

Or………could it have been……

A love of writing and a need to express my thoughts on parenthood, marriage, and life in general…and that is the reason why I started a blog???

Yeah, I’ll never tell. I’ll also never play Truth or Dare again.

As for the name of my blog, I did a simple mathematical formula: Matthew + Carter+ Mommy= McMommy. Lo and behold, a blog was born.

And little known fact? Standing in the shower, shampooing my hair…that is where I came up with the name “McMommy”. My best ideas always come to me in the shower. That’s why I try to take two a day.

What is your favourite food to eat? Favourite drink?

A piece of chocolate cake after dinner with a glass of red wine, preferably a cabernet sauvignon. And if you want to make this situation EXTRA PERFECT? Have my husband sitting across from me with his espresso and sambuca. Although we may need to switch out the chocolate cake to a cannoli for him.

What do your children do that make you laugh?

My kids are in the “poopie pee-pee” phase. It drives me up a wall. Everything is hysterical to them about those words. Lately, they have created a new word….yes, they made up their own poopie word: “Poopiechatchie”. I have no idea what it means. They have no idea what it means. They just looooove this word. So much so that when we are at the parks, they will climb to the top of the slide and shout “POOPIECHATCHIE!!!” and then race down the slide giggling. Or we will be at the pool and they will do a cannonball into the water and shout “POOPIECHATCHIE!!” as they splash into the water. It’s ridiculous and annoying, but there is a part of me that can’t stop laughing about it. I know it’s just a phase, so I don’t really give them much attention when they say it. However, when my husband and I are talking in conversation and the kids aren’t around, we’ll throw the word out.

For example:

McMommy: “I took out some steaks to defrost for dinner tonight. Should I do baked potatoes or sweet potatoes?”
McDaddy: “You should do POOPIECHATCHIE!”
And I die laughing.

What do you think is the best part of being a mom? Favourite moments?

Clearly, the best part is getting to be bossy. Who doesn’t love to boss people around?! It’s a real ego booster and heaven knows that is what every woman needs after getting her stomach stretched out to the size of a large boulder.
Oh, what? You want my politically correct answer? Well, why didn’t you say so??

In that case…

I love looking at each of my boys and trying to figure out what facial features are mine, which are my husband’s….what parts of their personalities are just like us and what parts are uniquely theirs. When I was pregnant with Carter, I couldn’t wait to see what he looked like. Was he going to be a clone of his brother or would he look entirely different? I love seeing my children’s personalities and interests and likes and dislikes unfold as they grow. It’s so interesting to me….and probably the reason I haven’t ruled out a third.

What's your favourite store to shop in?

What’s my budget? (Although, if you are giving me a budget, then this question isn’t fun anymore and I’ll accuse you of conspiring with my husband, who loves a budget like no one’s business.)

Do you like Cheesecake Factory? Or are you so over it? If you like it, what's your favourite cheesecake?

Not so much a fan of Cheesecake Factory. Although the cheesecakes are good, it’s the whole “Factory” thing in the name that turns me off. Why didn’t they just name the restaurant “Cheesecake”? Was that soooo terrible? I wondered if they ever considered “Cheesecake Manufacturing Plant”.

What are you top 3 favourite movies?

Ok, I’m not a huge movie buff. Some of my favs include Thomas Crown Affair, Bourne Identity, Clue, and Elf. But have you seen a movie called “Thank you for Smoking”? If not, you should. I’m not going to explain the whole movie, but I will say I love movies like that.

This song will get you on the dance floor:

Songs don’t get me to a dance floor…….drinks and live cover bands, however, will get me to a dance floor. And then, I get excited about each and every song and I turn to my friends and I’m “OMG!! THEY ARE PLAYING MY MOST FAVORITE SONG EVER!!” all super-annoying like. Only I don’t think I sound all super-annoying. Which is probably even more super-annoying to my friends.

What are your tips for staying sane when traveling with your children?

Have a good glass of wine or a babysitter waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. And if you are lucky? Both.

What do you love most about blogging?

The power I will one day have when my boys are unruly teens: “Teenage Matthew and Carter of the Future, do you WANT me to blog about this? Because I WILL. Or you can just say you are sorry and I’ll step away from the laptop. It’s your choice.”
Just kidding, boys. Heh heh heh. Poopiechatchie.
The truth? Hands down, the writing aspect is what draws me in every day. I love to write. The words just flow for me. As soon as something happens, I know exactly if and when and how I want to write about it. An awesome bonus is that people actually read what I write. And they tend to come back the next day to read more. That amazes me.

How do you stay so fabulous?

I’m so far from fabulous, I can’t even tell you. And while I may not be fabulous, I am smart… so I’m taking your compliment and running away now!

So there you have it, friends. My McFabulous interview with the one and only McMommy! Hope you enjoyed reading her clever answers as much as I did!

Thanks, McMommy!
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Amy B said...

I LOVE her blog...and now I am thinking after reading yours...I will LOVE it too.
Now do you need me to send you that box of

Amy said...

Lou, you totally had me confused between McMommy and MckMama... Matthew and Carter? A third child? Doesn't she have four kids already. Then I clicked on the blog and figured it out. Duh. I didn't sleep much last night...

Managed Chaos said...

WOOT! What an exclusive interview you snagged...congrats. I love McMommy and her wonderful sense of humor...and YOU of course (you had some great questions).

If you're sticking with the Mc trend, I vote for McDreamy as your next interview ;o)

Christy said...

I enjoyed reading your clever questions too! Hope you have a great weekend!

Stacie's Madness said...


CaraBee said...

Great interview! I have to confess that I adore Cheesecake Factory. Now a place with a really unfortunate name that I will never go into? Dress Barn. For the love of all that is good and holy, why would they name a women's clothing store after a place that houses cows?

Loukia said...

CaraBee - I think I love Cheesecake Factory so much because I can only go to there when I'm in the US, which is only once or twice a year! Costco does sell a small selection of cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory now, but it is not the same thing as being there and getting my piece a la mode! ;)

Dress Barn sounds icky, too. But: Pottery Barn. And how GREAT is PB and PBK? OMG!

McMommy said...

Thanks for the fun, interview, Loukia!

Also? CaraBee, you are HILARIOUS! I SO agree, putting the name "Barn" into a clothing store name is 100x worse than putting the word "factory" into a restaurant name!!!

Chantal said...


The White House said...

Fabu interview! Thanks for the fun read.

mistress pink said...

love the mcmommy blog
i think ill drop by your blog again loulous

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Loved reading this! I think both of you are so funny -- thanks for making me smile today! (I needed it cause I'm dealing with a non-napping 2 yr. old while preparing to leave town. OMG.)

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Great interview- I read her blog daily....yours too!!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love both of you girls! Great job ladies!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Way cute interview! And? My hubs loves him a budget too. Almost as much as I enjoy breaking it!

Scary Mommy said...

I adore both of you--- great interview! :)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I don't read her but she is funny! Great interview!

Charity said...

I heart McMommy. Just heart her humor and writing style, right on the nose for my liking. And I have two boys that also are way deep in the pottie talk phase (please be a phase, please be a phase). They are hung up on the word doody...ugh! If they here anything like traffic duty, urgent duty, etc etc they go into hysterics. And yes, I can't help but laugh too, darnit!

Connie Weiss said...

I do not know of this McMommy that you speak of.

Off to check her out!

HappyHourSue said...

That interview is what we in the broadcasting business call "a good get". Wait. I'm not in the broadcasting business. Still.

McMommy is my Best Bloggy Friend Forever and even I din't know about the "factory" aversion. What about C&C Music factory???? "Everybody dance now...." OK I'll shut up - loved the post.

Jen said...

great interview!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

great interview!!

Mandy said...

I love McMommy and this was a great interview!