Oh, the mess!

As a mom to two young boys, I've had to clean up my fair share of disgusting messes. Here, in no particular order, are my top 5 most hated messes I've had to clean-up:

1. Discovering the two raw eggs* my mom put in my Louis Vuitton had broken while I was in the elevator at work. I calmy walked out of the elevator and into the bathroom, where I washed my hands clean, and attempted to clean out my purse filled with raw egg grossness. Everyone was staring at me. "I had raw eggs in my purse." I told person after person. No one looked at all like they understood.

2. Discovering that my baby has taken a poop in the bathtub. Seeing floating pieces of baby poop in a bathtub filled with toys - and a baby who was clean two minutes before that - is not a fun clean-up job. Not at all. Baby comes out. He gets cleaned up. Bathtub gets drained. Bath toys get cleaned and disinfected. Bathtub gets a good clean-up. Then baby goes back in for another (short) bath. Do you realize this poop-in-the-bathtub thing has happend to me numerous times with both my children? Am I the only one this has happened to?

3. Realizing a bit too late that my baby is going to throw up all over me, the floor, and the bed, all within a matter of seconds. We've all had to clean up our children's vomit, but I find it incredibly hard to clean-up, don't you? And usually when this happens, baby is not feeling well, so you have that worry and concern on top of everything else. Change the sheets, clean up the floor, change your outfit, change the baby... it's all very tiring! (I will admit, though, that my husband is the best vomit-picker-uper ever!) I just freeze in the moment sometimes. Like, I'm overwhelmed by the mess and I don't know where to begin. So I just take care of the baby, and he does the dirty work!

4. Realizing it's been a few minutes since I've looked up to see my baby boy in his high chair. And realizing I left him alone with a plate of spaghetti and meatsauce. Oops. Enough said. (Okay, speaking about impossible to clean food messes - wouldn't you list rice as one of the hardest foods to clean up? It gets everywhere - sticks to the walls, the floors, the high chair, the baby... so annoying!)

5. Realizing that you are not going to make it home before your child throw's up in the car. All over himself. And the car seat. Let's just say - that is one heck of a mess to clean-up. Again, this has happened to me more than once.

What about you? Have you had any of these experiences? What do you consider an impossible mess to clean-up? What do you hate cleaning the most? Don't worry - nothing is too gross for me to hear! I have two kids, remember?

*I was out of eggs one day, so my mom put 2 eggs in my purse so the kids would have eggs for breakfast the next day, because it's what they love to eat the most in the mornings. Only she forgot to tell me she put the eggs in my purse... and I didn't discover this until that incident on the elevator. Thanks, mom!
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Gina said...

And you seriously think I am going to take any of your hand me downs!? no thanks!!!! lol

McMommy said...

As a mother to two crazy and mess-loving boys, I can relate to EVERYTHING you wrote!!!

Except for the raw eggs in the purse thing. :)

Stacie's Madness said...

ooohhhh you should read my SHART post...lol


but I've NEVER had to clean up raw egg in my purse. Beer once, but never raw egg.

ModernMom said...

UG! Vomit is by far the most disgusting thing in the world to clean up. Nothing like having a toddler up chuck as you race her to the bathroom. After I got her, the rug, the bathroom cleaned up...I could still SMELL it. Realized she had also puked in my hair. Lovely.

CaraBee said...

My new favorite non sequitur is "I had raw eggs in my purse."

My daughter pooped in the tub. Once. I immediately pulled her out and she pooped on the floor NEXT to the tub. It was awesome. Not.

My husband is great with puke, but gags at the mention of poop, while I am the opposite. It works out. Except I'm the one home with the kid all day. Sigh.

The Preppy Princess said...

This is a fun post Miss Loulou, despite the fact it all had to be most unfunny when it was happening. The raw eggs in the purse is just too awful!

Love your sense of humor tho', and we couldn't agree more on the rice being a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Yep. I've been there. Especially #5 - man that stuff can fit into any known crack and crevice!

Kelly said...

It makes me glad I have girls. I've lucky that they have rarely been sick. But the one time my oldest was throwing up I was taking care of my nephew. So I was holding him when she threw up on the floor and then I had to deal with both of them while trying to keep my youngest from getting in the throw-up. As for rice, i just leave it until it dries, it's much easier to clean up that way

Ms. Porter said...

I've experienced everything but the raw egg in the purse! To be perfectly honest, I used to have a very weak stomach but since having kids none of it bothers me too much...except for the time I had to clean up diarrhea from the carpet. OMG! She was running for the toilet too...picture that?

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Oh yes, poop in the tub is some NASTY stuff. I've never had eggs in my purse, and I've yet to deal with car vomit, but the other three have been experienced a FEW too many times in this house!

BeachMama said...

Oh my goodness, I think you have had more than your share of gross things to clean up.

J has thrown up only a handful of times and thankfully Hubby was home. I do not do well with throw up and on many occasions cleaning up after the dog threw up have thrown up myself. Apple has thrown up, but I could handle that because she was mostly nursing, if it was solid food, Hubby would have been hollered at.

And poop in the tube! I have yet to experience that, but I have heard it is common.

If I can be honest, I don't have to clean up much gross stuff. Both my kids are pretty clean eaters, most likely my fault. So far so good.

amanda said...

uhm not gonna lie friend, i kinda had to just skim this!! i don't even want to know!!

happy weekend :)

Loukia said...

Laughing at your comments, everyone... I was a bit scared to write this post, for fear I'd gross you all out - thankfully, most of you have children and can, on some level, relate! ;)

Savvy Mode SG said...

LOL... I remembered having to change my nephew's poopy diaper and that was my first ever diaper change. he went the moment my sister walked out of the house for a 30 minute errand and i couldn't look at pumpkin soup even today. He is 2 now.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I can totally relate to the bathtub poop--although I haven't really thought about it but....those days with my baby are probably just getting ready to start!
Here's mine: try your mother not putting a onsie or pants on your toddler and then she leaves and you walk into a toddler painting his crib with poopy all over I am telling ya--crazy, messy and smelly!!! I haven't gone into as much detail as I could but jusst let your imagination fly--it would probably be accurate!!

Lady Mama said...

Puke IS especially hard to clean up. And why does it always have to happen in the middle of the night (to us anyway!)?

I haven't experienced poop in the tub, yet, but have heard of that happening to friends, and am dreading it ever happens here! Ewww.

Chantal said...

I have been there, for everything except the eggs in the purse. Although I did have a bottle of soy sauce spill in my purse...