Thank You - you're a wonderful blogger!

Today I want to talk about how much enjoyment I get from reading blogs. My favourite blogs are obviously about parenting. I love how one simple story can bring tears to your eyes and how when you read a certain story you're nodding and smiling in agreement the whole time; other times, you feel thankful that you're not alone in certain experiences as you realize that other young children also throw temper tantrums in inappropriate places!

One of my favourite blogs,, is written by one hell of a great writer, and no wonder her blog is so popular. She is the coolest! Her post about having a daughter brought tears to my eyes; I promise it will do the same to you. I don't even have a daughter; I'm blessed with two amazing boys, but still - this post pulled on my heartstrings.

My new favourite blog that I am loving is - and as soon as you go to this blog, you'll know why. This mom has 4 children all under the age of 5. And she is the best photographer ever! I am completely in awe of her pictures and I need to get my hands on her camera! (Although even I owned this camera, I'm sure my pictures would not be as good as hers - she is really, really talented!) Seriously, all her pictures look like they are out of a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. Also, her stories are inspirational. Makes you somewhat feel stronger as a parent when you read certain stories, like the one where her little girl had a tantrum in Target. So true, and I can totally relate! Another post, about the joy of parenting, made me smile, because there is no greater joy, is there? As hard as it can be sometimes - when you're at the end of your rope - just look at the bigger picture and realize how blessed you are to have children. There is nothing more amazing or rewarding or fulfilling! She also offers great ideas to pass the time indoors with the kids, on rainy or cold days.

Other blogs I love to read on a daily basis are - especially for creative ideas in the kitchen. Seriously - check out this cake! I can barely put icing on my cupcakes without it turning into a disaster!

I also love for her stories, like the one about throwing an inexpensive yet super great birthday party! And again, as a mom, when a child is sick, I can relate - to the worry that is almost impossible to express with words. But as a mom who had a child hospitalized 3 times - and even requiring surgery for pneumonia - I can relate to these stories especially. And I think it is nice to have this way to share stories and offer words of comfort and support.

And, well, I think we can all relate to days like this! (From yet another awesome blog, Amazing how we function, huh? Ahh... the life of a mom!

And of course, posts about 'what you can do with your kids' are always great, aren't they? This is just one of many posts I love from this great blog,

Anyway... thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there!
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The Preppy Princess said...

This is such a great list Miss Loulou, a fewo f these were familiar, but many were not and I love seeing new blogs! The tantrum in Target is priceless!

BeachMama said...

Thank you for the shout out today. I have really enjoyed getting to know your blog again too!

Catwoman said...

So I just read your last 10 posts! I didn't even realize you were blogging again, because my blog feed had a little red exclamation mark next to your blog with an error. But yeah, got it figured out now, so I'm back! I can't believe how big your boys are getting in those pics in your sidebar! CRAZY!

And that accident you had a little bit ago sounds scary! I can't imagine your best friend must have been terrified!

Catwoman said...

Also? My parents live right by the Rideau Centre! It's where I do boxing day shopping every year! We'll have to do lunch next time I'm in town (which looks like October, I'll be there for a wedding, not sure of travel plans or length yet!)

Loukia said...

Next time you're in town, we'll get together FOR SURE! Yay glad to hear from you!

A Crafty Mom said...

Great list - I am off to read the tantrum in Target right now!!! Since my kids NEVER have tantrums in public - yeah, right, ha ha! Thanks for mentioning me, that is so sweet of you :-) Glad you've been reading and enjoying!