Return to ME, Tiffany...


Do you remember that website from a few year's ago, called Save Karyn? I was fascinated by this smart woman! She was 20,000 dollars debt she made this website asking for people to send her money to help her pay off her debt. Well, word got out and her website was a huge hit, because she made A LOT more then 20,000 dollars! And of course because of her genius idea, she was on all the talk shows, got a book deal and I believe her story is now being turned into a movie. So, let's just say she's clearly not in debt anymore!

I recently lost my favourite Tiffany & Co. bracelet - the Return the Tiffany one that I have had for years. For my birthday last year, hubby bought me the letter C and the letter D (the initial's of our children) charms from Tiffany to go on my bracelet. I loved them so much! One day, in Chapters, I lost my letter D charm. I was so sad - and was determined to buy another one the next day. But, hubby went to the book store that night and found my letter D charm. I was so happy. A few months ago, again, in Chapters, I lost my letter D charm for the second time. The next day, I bought a new one and then I crazy glued the charms so they wouldn't fall off again.

Okay, so in the last 2 weeks, I have not been able to find my bracelet. And it's driving me insane! I have looked EVERYWHERE - in my house, my car, at work, at my parent's house, etc. It's just... gone. I think my little Dimitry might have thrown it in the garbage. Or ate it. Because really, it's just gone.

So now I have to spend 210 dollars on this bracelet again. (By the way the price has gone down!) Along with 135 dollars for each of the charm letters. (Price reduction again - they used to be 160 each!) A big, huge waste of money that I just don't have!

So I wonder if I started a website called "Help Loukia get back her Tiffany bracelet" or "Help Loukia get her sanity back", would it be a success? I mean, I'd only be asking for 1 dollar from each person until I got my bracelet and charms back... not bad, right? Yeah... whatever... I know it's a horrible idea and it would never work. Oh well... I'm giving it another week and if my bracelet doesn't turn up, off to Tiffany I go!

Okay so of course now that I had to re-visit their webpage, it just made me want to go shopping, like right now! And now I have to have this charm, too... maybe for my birthday? I love it! This was the necklace my little boys got me for Christmas. I love it so much. Tiffany is just so lovely. You can't go wrong, can you? I mean, that blue box and white ribbon is seriously just perfect!

Don't you just LOVE Tiffany & Co., too? If I had a girl, I'd be in huge trouble!
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Amy said...

Oh I hate losing things like that... especially expensive things. (sigh)

Hopefully it'll turn up before you have to buy a new one.

Catwoman said...

Oh no! That sucks! I hope you find it!

And wait? Your boys got you a present? From TIFFANY'S??? They need to send my boys that memo, because mine didn't get me anything! HMMMPH! After everthing I've done for them?

Loukia said...

I am pretty sure I'm never going to find it. Looks like I have to buy another one!

Catwoman... my hubby no longer buys me stuff, it's all from the boys now... I can't complain though! ;)