The Love of Reading...

This was going to be a post about my favourite books and what I'm currently reading, but I decided to turn it into a post about my son's favourite books! I'm glad my 3 year old loves reading as much as he does. I love buying him books and especially reading to him at night. He always asks for 5 books, and I always comply. I just cannot say no! (That's another post altogether - my inability to say no to him, no matter what!) Last time I counted, he had well over 200 books in his bookcase. I'm thinking this can't be a bad thing, as he also has a younger brother who will hopefully love to read as much as he does! And of course, I will be donating some of the books when they outgrow them.

Some of his favourites are the Richard Scarry books; the Busytown stories. We talk about things around town, different jobs, how paper is made, what a plumber does, etc. They're great books and a great way to teach kids!

We are also loving Jon Scieszka's Trucktown books - Melvin Might and Smash! Crash!

As well, Officer Buckle and Gloria is a favourite book of my son's. I have to agree! It teaches you thinks like, 'never stand on a swivel chair', 'always wear a helmet', etc.

I also like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books - very funny and cute and age appropriate, I think! He loves these books, too.

Alexander and the Terriblie, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is also a fun read that my son enjoys. I could go on and on... we loved Snow Day, too. Just one of those cozy books to read on a winter night...

My son is currently fascinated by the universe - he already knows all his planets in order, and he loves reading books about floods, volcano's, the earth and how things work. So of course, Smart-opedia Junior is a must have and his favourite book right now. He got it for Christmas and he even made sure we packed it with us on our trip to Bahamas! You learn about, well, everything in this cute book. I highly suggest buying it for your toddler! They sell it at Chapters, but I also saw it at Costco, too! (I think it was 14 dollars, such a great price!)

Along with his love for the solar system, he likes gems and crystals, and everytime we go to the Museum of Nature, we have to buy a few more rocks and gems to add to his collection. So we have a couple books on gems and crystals, too.

I want to know what are your children's favourite books? Any books you suggest that I haven't mentioned that you think my son will love? I'd love to hear what your kids are reading!

This is from today - an article about the importance of reading to our children! And of course, the article reminded me of how much my son also loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar - who doesn't love this book?

As well, Dr. Suess books are very popular with my son. He loves Fred and Ted Like To Fly and Fred and Ted Go Camping. These books were written by the son of P.D. Eastman, who wrote the original Fred and Ted book and also Are You My Mother? He also loves Go, Dog, Go! And One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish! Of course!
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Suzanne said...

I think one of the best gifts we can give our kids is to foster a love of reading within them. Books, books, and more books! I love getting books for Katherine as gifts. And if you look at any study on literacy, they say reading at least 3 books a day to your child (between birth to age 5) will vastly improve their literacy.
Even as a teacher, you can immediately see the difference between kids who read for pleasure and those who don't. It's in their oral reading, their writing, and even the way they speak to you! Keep it up, Lou! Christos and Dimitry can never have enough books! xo

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! And thanks for the book suggestions. My 3 year old LOVES books, but the 1 year old is not so interested. I keep trying, though. Anyway, it's great that your boys love them so much and that you read to them a lot! Thanks again for the suggestions.

Loukia said...

My one year old is not as interested in books as my 3 year old was at that age - I'm trying, though! :)
Hey, and if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

the Preppy Princess said...

You are such a cool Mom! Obviously he is already a smart little guy, and his love of bookds will take him far!

I love your blog, thanks for stopping in at mine! I'll be back!

Rebecca said...

Great post! My 2 year old has been obsessed with books for so long, we love reading to him. Literacy starts so early...

Like your son, he's really into the univserse right now and maps. I am obsessed with scholastic orders!

Fav books have included: Open the Barn Door (great for little ones!), the I Spy books are huge right now and the Chirp magazines.

Hooray for books!

Loukia said...

Rebecca - I love the I Spy books! Have bought a couple for my son.

I love ordering books from Scholastic. My son only sometimes goes to his playgroup (since my mom/mother-in-law/grandmother babysit him) and whenever I can I order him books through Scholastic. I used to LOVE ordering books for myself through Scholastic.. I loved the days when the box of books would arrive... those were the happiest days for me!