Is it spring yet? and other random thoughts...

So, the first official day of Spring was last Friday. Hoorah for that, right? Except why is it minus 20 degrees celsius today? What is up with this weather?

If you're a mom, then you will know how hard it is to get a coat, shoes, hat and scarf on your child(ren). Dressing my one year old who will not sit still for anything and does the back arch thing while I'm trying to dress him everyday is really hard! I think we all deserve some sort of medal for surviving this ordeal on a daily basis! And diaper changing a one year old is also next to impossible! It was so easy when they're younger, huh?

My one year is is currently fascinated with the garage opener. He loves watching the garage open and close and open and close and open and close all day long... and he loves phones. He walks around saying 'ello? ello?' and holds the phone up to his ear. It's so darn cute!

Spiderman is my 3 and a half year old's new enemy. We went to a birthday party yesterday and Spiderman made a surprise appearance - my poor little guy started to cry! I used to hate clowns when I was a little girl... I guess it is not that uncommon for him to have been scared, but still, I felt bad.

I have started dieting yet again. Story of my life, let me tell you. Again, I'm cutting out the carbs - not fruits, though - I need something sweet! It's just so close to summer, and in order for me to look half decent in a bikini I need to jump start this diet! (I had lost 15 pounds before our trip to Bahamas, but the food at the Atlantis was too good to give up and I gained 5 pounds in 5 days... and then some upon our return!)

My children have both been going to bed before 9 p.m. lately. It's so wonderful! My 3year old was usually going to bed at midnight because of his late afternoon naps, but he has dropped those, thankfully. This new bedtime means he wakes up more refreshed and happy in the morning, and it also means hubby and I get some time to ourselves, I get to watch my shows, and read before going to bed.

I have not taken Christos to IMAX yet - and I think he will love this one on the space station, since he is fascinated with space, the solar system, and the Universe.

Any random thoughts you care to share with me?
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Rebecca said...

I love seeing the sun, not so much a fan of the cold.

I was happy to get out the spring jacket and rubber boots last week - and now I refuse to put them away unless it's really cold and we're going out to play.

Although he still would easily go, hubby and I have been cutting out the nap for the Boy at times - if he naps, he goes to bed around 8:30 and doesn't always sleep great, no nap means 7 pm to bed and a full night of sleep almost until 7. We'll see how long it works, I don't want an overtired, grumpy boy but having an evening is heaven!!

BeachMama said...

I refused to put J in snowpants today, flat out refused. I was the only Mom in his class that did that. I am so done with all the bundling up, it hurt today to have the windchill whipping at my face. But, I know that better weather is on the way!

Little Apple too loves phones and gadgets to play with. She is my busy body and you would think with all the running after her I would be a skinny minny, but that isn't the way so for now, I too am cutting back in hopes of wearing a bikini this summer. Will see how that goes.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I have tried to do the carb thing so many times but I am sooo addicted to pasta. Maybe that is why I won't wear a bikini ;)