In other news...

So, did you watch Desperate Housewives last night? Pretty boring episode, but I guess it is the calm before the storm - apparently next week is Edie's last time on the show - I'm sad to see her go, she was always fun to watch on Wisteria Lane.

So... how do you think she is going to make her big exit? Will her crazed husband kill her? Or will she be in some sort of an accident? Will Mike be okay? Will he get back together with Susan already? Is it just me, or are he and Katherine just so wrong for eachother?

Also... what was with Tom Green on Celebrity Apprentice last night? I don't normally watch this show (talk about boring - getting some so-called celebrities to do, basically, nothing - like bake cupcakes and sell wedding dresses and all they do is place a few calls to their rich friends) but yesterday Tom was team leader and he did terrible! Knowing his history as a prankster, I am assuming he did this on purpose. He was probably bored to pieces of this show and wanted out quickly... And I was rooting for him, since he is a local Ottawa boy! Are you watching this show this season?

And did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? It was a good episode. We finally know what is wrong with Izzie, although I have a hard time believing it. I don't want her to leave the show! Will she be miraculously cured? How will Alex handle the news? When will Derek snap out of it?
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BeachMama said...

I totally agree with you and Desperate Housewives. The whole Mike and Kathrine thing is wonky. I was really mad at the beginning of the season when they skipped ahead five years, it almost got me to stop watching, almost.

My Sister knows Tom Green, they were in Broadcasting together. He is pretty crazy, but I missed the Apprentice last night, I wish he would go back to the original format, much more exciting for me.

Loukia said...

I know, I was shocked at that! But of course I had to watch... ;)

That's cool about your sister - where does she work now?
My hubby and his brother went to high school with Tom Green!