Good shopping news!

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So you all must love Joe Fresh, right? I sure do! I love going to the Superstore and grocery shopping and also picking up a cool pair of swim shorts for my boys for only 12 dollars. There is nothing wrong with that, I tell ya! Seriously -the children's clothes Joe Fresh provides are truly good quality! And so very nice. I have bought my boys quite a few shirts from there, and socks, and pj's. I find pj's kind of hard to shop for, especially for my 3 year old who has even outgrown GAP's size 5 pj's. And onesies for the baby are great at Joe Fresh, too!

Now, I just read that Joe Fresh is coming out with a beauty line, too! Inexpensive, good quality make-up! Who doesn't need another lip gloss? Or a nice new eyeshadow? Their line is set to come out very, very soon so keep your eyes open!
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aandjblog said...

I love Joe Fresh! I'm happy to see that they are coming out with more fun stuff. I should try and stop by a superstore soon :)