Craving warm weather!

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Can spring get here already? I am really so over winter - the cold, the snow, the snowsuites, gloves, hats, scarves, boots! I am pretty sure my kids are sick of winter too. I can honestly say the best time they had this winter was when we were in Bahamas... no big surprise there! To be able to freely run around, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and crocs... it was heavenly!

Aside from the usual outings we do in the winter - library, Science and Tech museum, Children's Museum, Dinosaur Museum, (Museum of Nature), Cosmic Adventure, wave pool (actually only have gone once)... we hit the malls, and other stores like Chapters. Even Loblaws in an outing for us! The last 2 nights we've spent some quality family time in... brace yourselves - WalMart! I actually hate WalMart - but my boys love it, and they run around and get their energy out and then we go home. Sounds crazy, but what else can we do to pass the time when we've exhausted all other options? (Not counting the fun we have at home, doing crafts, cooking, and just playing).

I'm so ready for warmer weather - so we can spend some quality time outside! Without freezing! In the backyard, in the sandbox, at the park, taking long walks, breathing in the nice warm air, swimming, going to Dow's Lake and Mooney's Bay and little weekend getaways... I am craving this!

This weekend I think we will hit up Cosmic Adventures and maybe the Mud Oven for some fun painting. I was thinking of also going to Proulx Farms (we go there every year for strawberry picking and we get our pumpkins there right before Halloween, and it's so close to home!) for the sugar bush and a horse back ride.

Also keeping us busy this weekend is a birthday party... fun, fun, fun!
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twinmomplusone said...

Before you know it, your boys will be old enough that you can go skating together, or sledding, or even skiing! Makes winter pass by taht much more quickly :)