Beautiful weather = beautiful weekend!

I am happy to say that FINALLY... spring is here! Yes, I know it is not officially spring until next week, but we had some excellent weather in the nation's capital this weekend!

The kids loved playing outside. They couldn't get enough! Christos even took off his jacket at one point, because he got too hot playing! I love it... spring makes everyone happy. He saw a bird flying, and he said: "Mommy, look, my friend from Bahamas is here visiting me!" We went to the Aviation Museum this weekend. Christos had a great time. He loves planes and he got to sit in a couple of planes with an instructor who explained to him how everything worked. He was paying attention to everything. I think he should skip kindergarten and go straight to grade 4! I'm seriously thinking he'll be bored otherwise!

I can't believe how independent he is becoming. Yesterday, he went to the bathroom all by himself, and washed his hands by himself, too. Without even telling me he had to go the bathroom, he went. I was amazed - couldn't believe it! At the same time - wow - sadness at how fast he is growing up. I'm so proud of him.

And Dimitry, too - wow! He says so many words, and he loves doing everything his brother does. He, just like his brother, gets more enjoyment out of 'real' household items, as opposed to toys. The phones, TV remote, doorbell, garage opener - all fascinating to him! He will be 14 months old soon. I wonder how time flies so quickly... I enjoy my boys immensely. They give me so much joy and make me laugh all day long.

My mom is having an art show in Ottawa in a couple of weeks, at Koyman Galleries. I'd love to invite you all to come to the opening and enjoy the beautiful art! Her paintings fill the walls in my home and I love her work! I'm not just saying that because I am her daughter... ;)
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BeachMama said...

It was such a fabulous weather weekend!

And can I say I have admired your Mom's work before? Not sure if I can attend her show, but it would be very cool to meet her.

Loukia said...

It would be great to have you at her show! I can mail you an invite, hope you can make it!

Shannon said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog and I think you look familiar. Are you friends with Mary Milonas? Zafy Z? I went to high school with them. I think I've met you ages ago. I also looked at your mom's website. I love her work, I've seen it before. My dentist has a huge piece up in her office (Helen Kontogiannis?).

Anyways, just wanted to say hi!

Loukia said...

Hi Shannon! I am indeed friends with Mary and Zafy! ;)

Shannon said...

Small world! I did just see a pic of Zafy up there, from Greek fest I think. I used to go all the time with them and Areti. Good times!

Loukia said...

I'll be seeing both Arets and Zafy this weekend, I'll tell them you say hi! ;)