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So, I just read that Edie is leaving Desperate Housewives! For real? I will be sad to see her character leave the show... I don't know what it is about Edie, but she's fun to watch on TV, to say the least. If not to just stare at her solid body! Seriously, she's had the same body since she was on Knots Landing way back in the day... how do you think she'll leave the show? I wonder if crazy hubby will kill her? Or maybe she'll die is some other crazy way... or just move? I wonder...

What do you think about Chris Brown/Rihanna? I was upset when I heard he had assaulted her. Don't know the whole story, though, but a local radio station has stopped playing his songs until further notice. Do you support their decision to stop playing his music for the time being? Guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty? I just wonder - when Michael Jackson was accused of child abuse, did they stop playing his music until his case was dropped?

Okay... you all know about the octomom - the lady who looks like Angelina Jolie? What do you think about her story? This single mom of 14 - yes, 14 - is now accepting cash donations through her website to help her pay for the expenses that come with having, well, 14 children! I was looking at the pictures of those baby faces yesterday, and I felt really sad. Simply because I feel that they are just not going to get the individual love and attention that they deserve. When I had my children, they each got (and still continue to receive) so much love and attention. In the newborn stage, keeping your infant close to you is of VITAL importance. The bond between mommy and baby in those early weeks and months is so necessary. To be held, fed, rocked, loved. Who is going to hold all these babies? Plus another 6 kids on top of these babies? I am glad at least that her story is public, so that she gets some help with her children. I hope they are loved and taken care of. I won't post the link to her website here, but you can easily find it.

And in other news: the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice cross-over continues tonight - I believe it's a 2 hour episode - looks like a good one and I'll be watching it! Well, that is, if my kids co-operate and go to bed at a decent hour!
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