Monday, Monday...

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I don't really like Monday. It's the first day I have to go back to work after spending 2 days with my kids, and it kinda sucks! (Except for the fact that I can drink my latte in peace, while reading the news, quietly). Anyway, what could make a Monday even worse? Immunization Monday! Yuck! I hate hate hate shots days. Mostly because, well, my happy little baby doesn't know what is about to happen to him. And it's so painful to watch it happening! But it's short-lived, the pain. So I'll survive. So will baby! But really, this just makes Monday a little bit more yucky.

***Okay so that didn't go as bad as I thought! I mean, my baby did cry, but not for a long time. Oh boy, was he ever mad at his Doctor, though - the look of shock and anger he gave him after the first needle, oh boy - only to be poked AGAIN with needle number 2! So sad. His older brother couldn't even stay in the room to watch it being done. He said he didn't want to hear him cry. Now that's brotherly love!
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