A living saint...


This is one of my favourite pictures of the four generations - I so badly wish my son Christos was in it, too! It's my sister, my mom, my grandmother, me and baby Dimitry.

This is my beautiful grandmother with my two children.

My grandmother is the most amazing lady that ever walked the earth. I'm not kidding. This is the woman who raised two great children - my mommy, who is my closest friend, a wonderful mom, amazing grandmother, successful artist and just overall terrific and funny person. My grandmother also raised a son who is an accomplished and succesful economist living and working in D.C., published writer and great father. That's really besides the point.

My grandmother helped raise me, took care of me, and fed me her delicious home-cooked Greek meals all the time. She loves me like her own child. And now my grandmother, my terrific, happy, loving grandmother is helping me raise my children, by babysitting them a couple of times a week while I go to work.

She is at my house 2 to 3 times a week at 6 a.m. Before I even stumble down the stairs with my baby in my arms, she has cleaned my kitchen, folded my clothes, organized my family room, made me coffee, and started my car. Oh yeah - did I mention she woke up at 5 a.m. today to cook spanakoriso for my children? (That's a Greek rice and spinach dish, really yummy!) I mean, seriously - this woman never stops! She also continues to work as a waitress because she likes the social aspect of it. And her customers love her to pieces. I really, really could not do it without her. I am so, so thankful for her and for all the help she provides my family. I don't know where on earth she finds her energy, and her ability to help out as much as she can astonishes me. I'm truly in awe of her and I know I will never be as great a woman as she. She is the most giving person, so loving. Not only does she babysit 3 times a week, she comes over on weekends too, bright and early, because, well, she can't get enough of my boys. I appreciate her more then she will ever know. The things she does for me, everyday. It's quite amazing. I love her so much!
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A Crafty Mom said...

What a beautiful picture, the whole family is just stunning!! What wonderful words for your grandmother, she sounds so inspiring. And if she has some free time, she is welcome to come by my house early one morning :-)

Thank you for the sweet, kind words in your comments to me. Your story is exactly why I was so worried, and why I rushed to the story. It is rare, but I know it happens so I always try to be careful. She is doing a bit better (thanks for asking!) but the recovery is slow. She has never been on antibiotics before, so I wasn't sure how long she would be sick. Her fever is down completely and she is sleeping lots, and her spirits are a bit better. We went to my doctor yesterday b/c my two boys started coughing too - and I FREAKED out. They are not too sick (although one has a double ear infection) and it's definitely not pneumonia.

I am SO SO SO ready for warm weather and happy, healthy kids!!

Are you going to the movie next week? If the kids are better I am going to go to the March 5th showing.

Loukia said...

Thank you so much! :)
Oh and I am glad to hear your little one is doing better. Seeing them sick is just the worst thing in the world, especially when you're so worried you have to rush to CHEO. I'm so thankful for CHEO too, though! Good luck getting through the next few days!
I am sooo ready for warm weather, too. Seems that my kids had one cold after another this year...
I don't think I'll be able to attend the movie on the 5th, although I do want to go - it would be fun! Just too hard to get there on time... I'm in the East end...