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Can it be Wednesday already? I am finding these weeks are just flying by... which is really a great thing, because I totally appreciate my weekends now - nothing better then spending 2 whole days with the loves of my life doing whatever we want and having fun together!

I am finding it increasingly difficult leaving the house in the morning to go to work, because my 1 year old doesn't like letting me go. He motions to the coat rack so I can put his coat on him as well, so he can come with me. He doesn't know that I'm not leaving him at home for fun, but so that I can go to work to make some money so that we don't starve! ;) Seeing his little angel face waving bye-bye to me, and hearing him say bye melts me every single morning.

My 3 year old understand that I go to work so I can make money so we can enjoy nice things like our recent holiday in Bahamas, and clothes, and books. Last night, he wanted to go for a car wash, but I wanted to drop the baby off at home first with hubby, since he had fallen asleep, and I wanted to get some money to go to the car wash. When I told him this, he said to me: "Just go to work, mommy, and pick up some money there." I mean, how cute is that? Work is, according to him, the place where I go to get money. Like, money is just all around me at work. I go and and press a button and money falls into my lap! Oh wow, that would be so awesome, wouldn't it? Or like, a money tree in my backyard? Sweet... okay... rambing... I need my 3 o'clock vanilla latte...

I'm happy to report that the evil, horrible stomach flu is on it's way out of my house. First baby was sick, and this week, my 3 year old. It's been a really rough winter, to say the least, with what seems like back to back colds and viruses of some sort. Lest I forget my 3 year old's 2 week stay in CHEO with pneumonia that required surgery and a chest tube. I am SO looking forward to spring. We all need it, bad.

And if things are good on the homefront when I get there after work, I am going to happily go see, finally - CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC! Yes, I'm excited. Oh, so very.
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