Confessions of a Shopaholic review

So, I made it to the movies tonight, to see Confessions of a Shopaholic... finally! I actually hate going out on weeknights without the kids, since I spend the day at the office and really want to just get home and spend all my time with them until they go to bed - (luckily for me, they both go to bed really late!) anyway - I snuck out and went to see Confessions. I loved it, truly! It was great. Isla Fisher did a great job as Rebecca Bloomwood. She was just so darn cute. She for sure filmed this before she was pregnant, right? I mean, no one can look that good after just having had her baby, right? Right? ;) Anyway - overall, a great, light, happy, feel good shopping girlie movie. If you're read the book, you will not be disappointed. If you haven't read the book (really?) then read it already! I wonder if there will be a second and third movie? I think they should kind of just skip to Shopaholic and Baby, if you ask me! The way Rebecca justifies her purchases is exactly what I do. There is one scene when she is in a Shopaholics Anon meeting and I actually felt like I could fit in there. Pretty sad actually!

Okay, so speaking of shopping... a local radio station is giving away a Louis Vuitton. Hello! That's my kind of contest! I have a confession... I am a little designer purse obsessed. I'm not that materialistic, I swear! It's just... I really love purses! My first was a Fendi, and then I got a Gucci on my honeymoon and then a Furla, 2 Coach purses, a Burberry and - my favourite - my Speedy Louis Vuitton! And now... I want another one! All you have to do is call the station - and be the 89th caller to get through - 3 times a day - and guess the amount of money that it is the purse to win the money and the purse - anywhere between 1 and 5000 dollars. I know it's over 2000 but under 4000 dollars because I've been keeping track of people calling in. I wish I would win this contest! But I know my chances are less then slim. Here is the picture of the lovely Louis:

So what's your guess? How much moula is in this bag? If you guess correctly and I get through and win the purse, I promise to give you all the cash as long as I get to keep the bag!
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skichik79 said...

I have to disagree with you about the movie ... I was really dissapoitned at how cheesy they made it all and how different from the books it is... I was hoping for a smarter movie ... they made it look really ditsy and young .. I just had a vision when i read all the books and it wasn't this ... that is my opinion .. this movie was based on the first 2 books but I felt like it didn't portray them well .. I guess we all have our opinion mine wasn't good I felt cheated ...

good luck for the purse .. i heard about it on 89.9

Loukia said...

Hey Max! Oh, I'm sorry you didn't love it! You know what, seeing a movie after reading the book is NEVER going to be as good as the book, at least in my experience... but I think it was done well! Hope you are doing good with your pregnancy. Enjoy!