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So we all know how bad BPA is for us, especially for our children, who were slowly being poisoned by innocently drinking their milk from bad plastic bottles. Baby number 2 was born at a time when most 'bad' bottles had been pulled from store shelves, so he's always been BPA free there . My first-born, however, drank milk from the Avent 'bad plastic' bottles for 2 years. Since he still drinks once a day from a bottle, I bought him a new bottle so he, too, could be safe.

However, and most troubling, is the fact that even though we have taken drastic measures to reduce exposure to BPA in their baby bottles, BPA is still lingering everywhere - especially in baby formula cans. Many food and drink containers we consume are made with this chemical. Most baby formula, as we all know, are in cans - cans that are lined with BPA resins. So great - babies are now drinking from 'safe' plastic bottles, but guess what? The packaging that their formula came in still contains BPA! Parents were advised to switch to powdered formula sold in cardbord containers, but I have never seen formula in cardboard containers - have you? So really, we are still damaging our kids with this! We usually use liquid formula, too, but I read that powder is a bit safer. However, not completely safe. And I feed my children veggies from a can, too - again - am I defeating the purpose here? And even more worrisome is this article here. What have you done to reduce your children's exposure to BPA?
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A Crafty Mom said...

I know, that stuff makes me so upset. But the way I reduce the risk is that my 13 month old would never drink from a bottle (and still doesn't) so I figure there is no BPA in my breast, lol!!! She will sip water from a sippy cup sometimes, and we have one of the stainless steel ones. My first son also used the Avent bottles a few years ago - drives me nuts.