Sunday, December 28, 2008

Every parent's worst nightmare...

We had a rough November. My 3 year old got a bad case of pneumonia, and was hospitalized in CHEO for just over two weeks. The whole experience was a nightmare, because seeing your child so sick is the most hopeless feeling ever. This was his third time in CHEO - the first two times were for a UTI that required IV antibiotics, etc. so we were sadly familiar with 4 East at CHEO. This time, my son needed surgery - yes, surgery... he got complications from the pneumonia, plural iffusion and he needed to be operated on. The Doctors and nurses were amazing, so I am thankful for that - (one of his friend's dad was his surgeon, actually!) but the many hours spent in that hospital room were very sad. After surgery, my son had a chest tube remain in him for 4 days to continue draining the fluid... he had an oxygen mask, IV's, everything... countless x-rays, ultrasounds and even a C/T scan. We lived through it, but it was something I hope to God we never have to go through again. I can say this, though - my son was the bravest, strongest child ever! I want to write a longer post about our experience, but I have no time now... hopefully soon I can get the full story out... for now, though, I am thankful that he is 100% better - our follow-up Doctor appointments have been going well, and he is totally fine and will have no long term effects from this ordeal and illness, thank God.

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