Shopaholic! The movie about my life...

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I got so excited when I saw this picture of Isla Fisher, who will be playing Rebecca Bloom in Confessions of a Shopaholic. I am SO. SO. SO. EXCITED. for this movie. Sigh.

I read Confessions a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago... had to be over 6 years ago since I've been married for 5 years (this coming June) and I remember reading it in bed at my parents house. Finished the book in one night, which really wasn't hard since it was a light chick lit read, and not too long... I would read a few page, put it down, and sigh, thinking, WTF. This author went into my head and wrote all about me! We're talking - I'm a crazy shopper. Besides being a great mom, I am great at spending money and shopping. I'm proud to be a great mom - my children are my life - but I am not so proud to be such a great shopper, because damn, I spend a lot of money! And being on mat leave, when I have a few hours to myself and the baby is sleeping, I hit the stores and shop and shop. It never ends! Now, I shop for my boys. Way too much... I could run a daycare for the entire city of Ottawa in my house, that's how many toys I have. And now that I'm losing weight, buying clothes and shoes again is so nice. It's sad that Ottawa doesn't have very many good stores, but I make do, and look forward to future shopping trips south of the border. Anyway, this post is neither here nor there so I'll end it now... and go shopping!
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