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Life with two kids is great. Hard, but great. Dimitry is already 3 months old today, and he is growing up so fast... it's amazing how fast they grow! The second time around, I am so much more relaxed. Luckily, Dimitry also had a very loving, sweet, and gentle big brother. Christos is great with him. Watching the two of them together makes me so happy, and complete.

Christos amazes me daily... with all he says, and all he knows. He is smart beyond his age, truly. He is such a great help - he loves to do housework, (don't know where he got that from!) he loves to help me fold clothes, vacuum, dust... he even takes everything off the tables before he dusts... it's too cute! Today he was reading Dimitry a book... "Look, Dimitry... a truck... the book... made from trees! A moon... a star... Dimitry, look!" So cute... Dimitry was just gazing at him with a huge smile on his face. Sigh... kids are the sweetest thing ever!

Now I must get back to putting away the grocceries, change a diaper, and figure out what to make for dinner before Christos wakes up from his nap!

I just have to add - I don't know how single moms do it. They deserve so much credit. Handling two kids with one adult - not easy! I think it is especially hard when you have a toddler (boy!) and a baby... both need your constant attention. I have not figured out how to take the two out of the house alone yet - I've always had my husband with me, or mom, mom-in-law, sister... we don't have a double stroller - maybe that's something I should look into getting - otherwise it is very difficult! Going to the park this morning, I had my mom pushing Christos in his wagon, and I had the baby in the stroller. I have a baby bjorn, but Dimitry likes it only for short periods of time. So if I was alone, how would we all go to the park with all our gear? Sure, Christos can walk, but he likes to be carried sometimes, so it's tough. Okay enough rambling! Time to get some work done... by the way... who isn't LOVING this gorgeous weather!? I had a pedi today, (brought sleeping baby with me while mom-in-law took care of Christos and his cousin) and it feels great to be waring sandals again!
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Catwoman said...

Glad you're doing well! I'm sure you're just constantly busy and barely have time for a shower with two!