My Christmas pet-peeves!

Okay I love Christmas and everything to do with Christmas... from listening to the festive songs in my car with my little boy, to decorating our tree and the entire house, hanging the (Pottery Barn!) stockings by the fireplace, buying and wrapping presents, and eating all the glorious food that comes with Christmas (Sugar cookies! Turtles! Toffifee!)and making sure to buy presents for a couple of children who would go without otherwise over the holiday season...

The one thing that drives me insane? People who don't put out Christmas lights! Oh my goodness! I am not talking about non-Christians - I'm talking about people in our neighbourhood who I know celebrate Christmas but don't hang lights outside. Is it too much to ask for, really? I mean come on! We have a nice lit street and neighbourhood but still, there are quite a few Scrooge's on our block this year! I'm hoping this might be the weekend where they finally put their lights back up and on.. if not, I will be upset!

The other thing that drives me insane - probably more then not hanging lights at all - is people who do a horrible job of hanging lights outside. Like, the people whose house you look at and think to yourself: "Why did they even bother?" Those people. We have one on our street. They have a nice Christmas evergreen outside. There are like 10 lights on it. On one side. Sort of in the middle of the tree. Just a patch of a few lights. Then nothing. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING! WHY! DID! THEY! EVEN! BOTHER! Oh yeah and they have a tree tree and they wrapped some white lights around that too, just blah! Looks horrible! Sorry to be complaining but seriously, I take offense!

Okay besides that I'm just very happy this time of year. Peace, love, and goodwill to all!
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skichik79 said...

we don't hav elights up but I have my xmas tree and i opened the curtains so people outside can see em ..Marco won't put the lights up and I am sorta busy with the baby so that = no lights for us but I did mention that i want our new house to be decorated at every occasion like halloween, xmas you know that stuff ...

Catwoman said...

I am so with you on this... There are only five houses (including ours) that are lit on our street. I'm like COME ON!!!! You drive down our street and it's the most depressing thing EVER!