Still alive!

So on Tuesday, on my way back to work from my Ob-Gyn appointment, I was in a serious car accident. I was in lala land, and didn't see a stop sign as I approached a major intersection at busy lunch hour traffic. I proceeded to drive right into traffic on O'Connor Street - a busy street any time of the day! All I remember was the biggest, loudest sound EVER and then looking to my right to see the passenger airbag had gone off. I quickly got out of my car because all the smoke was making me cough and also I wanted to re-assure myself that I was, in fact, still alive. I can't tell you how scary the experience was - only that it was horrible and deafening. The sound of an airbag going off - just like a gun. I was too scared to ride (and still in shock) in the ambulance so my dad (who was closest to my location) drove me to the hospital where my hubby, mom, sister, grandmother met me. I went straight to the maternity ward where they admitted me all day/all night for observation - I was hooked onto the heart monitor for baby all day, lying down, ultrasounds, blood work, urine sample, neurological exam, etc. They took great care of me and I just very thankful that both baby-to-be and I are totally okay. (We did score 2 great u/s pics of our little guy, too - he is such a cutie and looks just like his big brother!) Anyway... scary day, scary experience, but we are okay. My Passat hit a BMW. The cop said: "Thank God it was two German cars - otherwise it would have been much worse." Keep that in mind - in case you're in the market for a new car - the Germans do it right!
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skichik79 said...

yikes ... it's great that your okay wow ! be careful young lady !

Nicole said...

OMG - I cannot even imagine how awful that ordeal must have been for you!! Thank goodness all is okay now.

Catwoman said...

Holy crap! I'm so glad you're OK!!! Eeek! Sounds like your air bag didn't go off, which is probably a blessing, with you being pregnant.

The only accident I've ever had, the air bag deployed right in my face. It felt like I was punched. And they ARE the loudest things ever.

I'm glad you're both ok and I can't imagine how scared you must have been!