PBK was great! I mean, Toronto was great!

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So we survived our almost 5 hour drive to Toronto. Basically, it was smooth sailing.. but of course, there were periods where my two year old just wanted to get out! We stopped once, and he got to run around and stretch his little legs... overall, the drive there and back was bearable... however, not something I'd want to do frequently. Kids that age are just not that comfortable sitting confined in a car seat for that many hours. That's why I believe in nice short trips when they're young... like, I would never, ever take my children to Greece (my homeland!) until the youngest was at least 5 years old. First of all - for my sanity. Forget the 8 hour flight - then you have to deal with the traffic and insane driving habits of Greeks... drive 2 hours from Athens to the city my mom/dad-mother-in-law are from.. and then you're going to want to do some island hopping, and all that travelling? SOOO not fun for a 2 or 3 year old... or for the parents! So, best bet? Travel close! Florida? I totally love. 3 hour flight, awesome hotels, beautiful ocean, fantastic shopping and restaurants and fun things to do with the kids. (Hello, Disneyworld!) I'd be happy going to Florida every single year. I don't even miss Greece to say I am dying to go back... I've done it a dozen times, and yes, it's the most gorgeous country but my kids won't have to go through all that heat and travel until they're a bit older - and so they can remember and really enjoy the trip, you know? What would a 2 year old get out of the Parthenon anyway, you know? But a 5 or 6year old... different story!

So back to Toronto... our hotel was great and very child friendly... they had an awesome playroom that was open until 10 p.m. Painting, crafts, activities, books, trucks, ride-on trucks and cars, sandbox, animals, anything you can imagine... and a very nice children's pool with giant slide. Kept the kids super happy! Christos loved it.

We met up with my dear friend Suzanne and her baby girl who is 3 months older than Christos. They had fun and ordered room service in our hotel room.

Then we went to Sherway Gardens for my mom's art show... she did great and we hung out mostly (okay, for 2 solid hours!) at Pottery Barn Kids. The kids just loved playing in there.. I was in HEAVEN. I am obsessed with that store. We spent almost 1,000 dollars in the store, but my justification is we don't have it in Ottawa and plus, I needed stuff for my boys! Stuff you can't find in Ottawa! Please, PBK, open up here! Everything is so nice at PBK. Sigh... I only spent about 5 minutes at adult PB, where I bought a Christmas ornament, but that's okay - currently I'm more into the kid stuff,anyway! :)

That night we hung out at the hotel, while my parents went out for dinner, then we all went out for dinner when they returned and babysat Christos for us. :)

Next day, off to the zoo - which took FOREVER for us to get to - the DVP was closed down, and we were stuck in traffic for over 2 hours! We were *this close* to running out of gas, too... it was just brutal! We finally made it to the zoo... it was okay - much more fun in the summer!

Overall a great mini-weekend get-away. I love all the stores TO has to offer. It's a great big city, a great Canadian city, but I still wouldn't like living there! Too big, too scary, and too much violence!
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Catwoman said...

Whoo-hoo on the successful PBK trip! Did you have to rent a U-Haul to bring it all back???? Or is everything being shipped to you?

I miss Toronto so much... I just don't have a reason to go back there anymore with my parents being in Ottawa and my sisters in Montreal. And the only friend I still actively keep in touch with has moved to Ottawa too now... Makes me kind of sad! Because I still think of TO as my hometown.