November is sweet. I heart Pottery Barn Kids.

It's November! Finally... I found October to be a really long month! Maybe because I was so excited to take Christos out for his 2nd Halloween (his first Halloween he was in CHEO). Anyway, my little boy was dressed up as a monkey - pictures to come soon - and he loved going around door-to-door, ringing the doorbells, and filling up his little pumpkin bag, and bumping into friends along the way. We live in such a great, child-friendly neighbourhood - it really was a lot of fun! And we have lots of candy to eat for days to come! ;) But trust me, he enjoys it as much as me and his father do! Last night he must have opened up every single lollipop he got and tried Nerds for the first time ever. He didn't like them so much! It was super cute, too, to see him helping his dad carve pumpkins - actually, he watched more then anything because he found it to be disgusting. Haha!

Okay, things I am excited about for November - our trip to Toronto! Yes, I decided that I'm sure my 2 year old can do okay on that long drive... after all he did brilliantly on the airplane ride to Florida... and in the car, we can stop when he gets restless, right? We're going down with my parents for my mom's art show, to see some of our dearest friends, to take Christos to the zoo with our friends, and of course - TO SHOP! I am dreaming, dreaming about Pottery Barn Kids. Their website is all Christmasy now, too. Aren't you just drooling at their homepage? I love it! I have not been to PBK since a few days before I found out I was pregnant with Christos. I swear, that store had a lot to do with me getting pregnant! And of course, regular Pottery Barn kicks ass, too. I just LOVE Christmas and that store... man, it's just my favourite!
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Catwoman said...

Oh, I'm so with you! I LOVE Pottery Barn!!!!

You should get Christos one of their kid chairs. They're SOOO cute! Little Man loves his! It was his favorite present at his first birthday!

Loukia said...

You're so lucky you get to shop there whenever you want! Can we please get a PBK here already! I have to drive to TO to shop there... sigh...
Anyway my mother-in-law bought my son a chair very similar to the PBK chair for his first birthday! They are simply adorable!