Cool Mom Picks....safer toys for our kids!

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Who hasn't been completely freaked out recently with all the massive toy recalls? I work for Health Canada, in Communications, and in our Branch, we deal with Consumer Recalls. So it's quite painful, really, to look over the ever growing list of things that have been recalled. Quite scary. And everyday, it seems like there is something else that has been recalled.

This website was brought to my attention by mom-101 - (an awesome mom blogger)and I think you should check it out, too! There are toys out there that are safe for our children... hoorah!

I also look at where the toys are made all the time now. My son loves Playmobil and there stuff is made in Europe. That's good for me!

Check out: Cool Mom Picks: Safer Toy Guide
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Catwoman said...

Thanks for the site! The recalls are quite terrifying!!!!

I noticed that Sophie the Giraffe is on the safe toy list. My Little Man had one when he was little and he LOVED her! Until I ran her over when he was about 10 months old and she was never the same again! :(

I'm going to email my Godmother in France now and ask her to buy the new baby one!