Our backyard!


This summer, my awesome dad and father-in-law worked every weekend for my husband, baby and me, finishing our backyard. The amount of work that went into finishing our backyard was incredible. They had to rip out all the grass, and flatten the backyard, and then add all the stones. There is so much work that is involved in that, I won't go into detail. Besides bringing them lunch and cold drinks on hot summer days, I didn't do anything to help out with the construction work because a) I would have had no idea what to do, and b) I would have gotten in the way. My hsuband is a very hands-on guy, having made our son's nursery (hardwood floors, chair rail, crown mouldings, painting, etc) installing the hardwood floors on the entire main level of my sister and her fiance's house, painting and adding crown mouldings throughout our house, and finishing our basement - I'll post pics soon - but he was working all weekend this summer. So the hard work fell on my dad's and dad-in-law's hands. And boy, did they deliver! I can't thank them enough for their work in making our backyard look as great as it does.

Here is a picture of an almost finished backyard... add a few nice big plants, the grass, a shed, and voila... a perfect backyard... made with love. :)
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Catwoman said...

It looks awesome! Wow! Do they want to come do our yard next???

Gina said...

And Sean too silly!!!! Like every single day!!!

Nicole said...

Looks truly amazing!

Loukia said...

Oh gosh, yes and SEAN! How could I have forgotten!!!