In other news...

In other news, my little guy suffered through his first ever ear infection. My poor darling was up all night long on Monday crying and in pain and there was nothing I could do about it to help make him feel better. It was horrible! We went to his Dr. on Tuesday and sure enough, ear infection. He's on antibiotics now, but by Tuesday afternoon he was all better. :) Yay for that. And for both of us (and daddy too) getting some sleep!

I have to PVR Grey's and The Office tonight. Those are (along with Desperate Housewives) the only shows I watch. I try to watch ANTM, but that's boring me this year. No time for anything else, and no interest, really... I hope The Amazing Race comes back this year! That's always fun to watch.
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meanie said...

i totally agree that ANTM is a little dull this year - where's the drama? and an Old Navy challenge? puhleeze.

Catwoman said...

Little Man's had about 3 or 4 ear infections. And yeah, they are definitely not fun!

Consider yourself lucky that he never got one before!!!!