A great and happy Friday!

My little boy goes to, I have to say, one of the best nursery schools this city has to offer! I'm so impressed and happy with it, with the children who attend, the parents, and especially the teachers. Wow! And most importantly, my son absolutely loves it. He goes a few times a week, and because I'm not yet comfortable with leaving him alone, we've been given persmission to have someone stay with him for the duration of the morning. Normally, my mom takes him and stays with him, but sometimes, I get the pleasure of taking him - like this week! (I'm currently working part-time until my in-laws get back from Greece and we're back to our normal caregiving arrangements, my mom and mom-in-law splitting the week). It's a co-op, meaning that parents take turns bringing snacks and juice, and cleaning up and staying to help out for the a.m. Today was our turn, and it was a lot of fun! But holy smokes - tiring! Anyway, it's just so great seeing my boy playing and interacting so well, and being so well-behaved with the other kids. I especially love seeing him at cirlce time, dancing and participating in the songs. It's way too cute. Have I mentioned how this is the best age ever?

I've been lucky enough to have 2 days off a week for this entire month, until my in-laws get back, and that's such an ideal situation - working part-time - the works get done, even though it's all more busy when I'm in the office - and I get the time to be with my son on my day's off. Wish it could always be like that, but soon enough (like, December!) I'll be on maternity leave!

The Thanksgiving long weekend is here! I'm thankful for my amazing family, especially my son and my son-to-be. :)

Hope you all have one fantastic, calorie-fest weekend!
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kate said...

Oh, I would love to be able to go in and help with my kids' school (and be able to observe them in action!) It's hard not knowing what they are doing all day, how they are interacting with peers, etc. Oh well.

And I love the pumpkin picture! Reminds me of all the things I miss from Fall (you Canadians say Autumn, right?) in upstate NY. Sigh.

Catwoman said...

I can't believe it's almost time for your maternity leave! It feels just like two months ago that you blogged you were pregnant again! Crazy!!!!