More Monday randomness...

It's Monday again! Damn... I hate Mondays! I miss my baby boy a whole lot on Mondays. Luckily, I am off tomorrow - yay! I'll be taking two days off a week for 5 weeks in a row while my in-laws are in Greece, so I can take care of my son. (My mother-in-law and mommy babysit my son, so I'll be taking over the two days my mother-in-law normally babysits).

Summer is... over! We had a great summer. From Christos's first vacation and airplane ride to Florida, and experiencing the ocean for the first time... to lazy afternoons spent in the in-law's pool... to nights at the neighbourhood park and long walks... I'm going to miss it! He also loved the ex (like a huge carnival here in Ottawa), and the Gatineau hot air balloon festival... we went on a few rides... and had a blast! But fall... is slowly becoming my favourite season. Must be because I am pregnant because I am did not handle the heat as well as I used to!

Christos is just growing and growing and I am so amazed by him, truly, everyday. He knows so many letters now... already! He has loved reading (or, I should say, he's had a huge interest in) books since he was 3 months old... and now he knows a lot of letters. He'll yell them out as we're driving past a store, and in his books. Very cute! Oh, and he also loves playing wii with his daddy. Like father, like son! Lucky fo my boy, and boy to be, they'll have the newest game gear the day they come out. My husband loves loves loves the wii and games so yeah... lucky for my boys!

Christos started playgroup last week, and he'll be in playgroup 3 mornings a week, with my mom, who stays with him - I'm not into leaving him alone until he can speak to me in full sentences so I know really how his day was.

I'm getting sick of mat clothes! I'm getting sick of pants that slide down... what on earth can I do to stop this from happening? I keep having to pull up my pants throughout the day and it is totally frustrating!

In other news... just celebrated my 31st (gulp!) birthday... I am feeling a bit old, but then look around and see that I am the MOTHER of a two year old baby boy, and pregnant with another boy... so life is as good as it gets, truly. And 31 is just like 21, only better. ;)

Thoughts on the MTV VMA's? My thoughts:

1. Britney's body looked great! Can I look like that after I have my second child, please? Way to go in that regard, Britney. But... can't you hire a stylists? With the amount of money you have, your extensions should NOT look that terrible. What was with your hair? And... how come you weren't dancing? And why can't you even lip sync properly? What was going on? Were you high? Sad. Snap out of it, girl! This was no comeback. I'm still in your corner, but come on...

2. Alicia Keys was awesome! She is what it is all about.. talent!

3. 50 Cent all the way. I'm getting tired of Kanye complaining all the time when he doesn't win.

4. Dr. Dre was way cool. Wow, he's been working out! He is the greatest legend.

5. Timbaland is also awesome. Nelly Fertado, Justin T., and Timbaland did it up great last night!

6. Sarah Silverman... made me laugh.

7. But overall... the show could have been better...
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Catwoman said...

Did I miss something???? Because I don't remember you posting that you are having another boy, you must have found the sex out recently! Congratulations!!!!

They were saying this morning on the radio here that Britney had pitchers of margaritas delivered to her room before the VMA's and came down with one still in her hands. Apparently some of the back up dancers text messaged their family saying "please pray for us, this girl's about to ruin our career!" So freaking sad!

I feel even worse for her boys though. So wrong!

twinmomplusone said...

hey loukia! nice to hear from you and that your pregnancy is going well!!

poor britney, what a fiasco, she had to get drunk to get the nerves to go on stage. Too bad they picked her for that coveted spot, so many other talented artists could have had it.

skichik79 said...

get suspenders :P

they have bands and stuff to put over your belly it might work but I know what you mean i had that same problem ... check out