Election time in Ontario!

Election time soon!

I'm a Conservative. I don't think the Liberal party, provincially or federally is any good - at least they haven't been for the last dozen years or so. After that whole sponsorship scandal with the Fiberals - I mean, the Liberals, I pretty much decided A LOT would need to change within their party before they regained my trust and my vote. And seriously? Stephane Dion?

I like Stephen Harper. I don't know why so many people harp (haha) on him. He doesn't bug me. Yeah, okay, he is not the most personable politician out there, but he is far from the worse we've had.

Provincially - where did Mike Harris go? Did he kick ass or what? He was great. He came in, boom, had a great platform - common sense revolution - and made things happen! He did! He changed things. Of course there was a lot of complaining with his platform, but hello? If I have to work for my money, so should you! He decided people on welfare should work for their money - workfare, was it called? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to double check. Anyway, kudos to that great guy. He just made sense. It wasn't all 'ladida, we live in the best province ever, we should all be the same, public school for everyone, same health care for everyone, we are all one, let's all be robots ladida...' Yeah, of course, free health care for everyone - but there is nothing, I repeat - nothing - wrong with private health care if it is done right. By that I mean - if I want to go for an MRI in my province, I should darn well be able to if I am willing to pay for it! (Thus also reducing the line up in the purblic hospitals, since I won't be on that list of6 million names who are still waiting for an MRI!)

And what the heck is wrong with the Catholic School board? I am sick of everyone in this city and province hating religion! Seriously... I know a lot of people are athiests or whatever, but seriously, enough with your complaining. If you like the public school system, put your kids in it. There ya go! I went to private and then to public school, had a great time in both, yada, yada, yada. We are considering putting our children in the Catholic school board because there are some great schools and why the hell not?! (We aren't Catholic, by the way, we're Greek Orthodox... so I don't even know if we'd be allowed... but we have a couple years left before we have to figure that out!) These are just my opinions, folks. I don't mean to offend. Everyone will vote which ever way they want.

Oh yeah and wasn't Dalton the one who got rid of free eye care for the residents of Ontario? Yeah, thanks for that, Dalton! Let's not even get started on tax...

Let's just say I'm glad my son's favourite colour is blue! ;)
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Catwoman said...

I was totally a Mike Harris supporter when I lived in Ontario! Even went to a couple of his rallies! What ever did happen to him? Obviously didn't keep track once I moved down here!

Nicole said...

I came across your blog when surfing comments on Danigirl's site. I must say that I've really enjoyed reading your other posts but this particular one was great!