One last time...

It is over. Sheraton Bal harbour is no more. I knew this was going to happen for some time now, but still.. it'll be sad going to the Bal Harbour Shops without walking back to the Sheraton Bal Harbour after or swimming in their amazing pools. I know I'll love the Westin Diplomat just as much, if not more... but still... when I stumbled across this article, it brought a smile to my face because now I can BUY a piece of the Sheraton Bal Harbour. Seeing as I will only be travelling with one suitcase, I'm thinking I can't bring back a lawn chair or pillow, but maybe I can buy a fork? Something for the memories, you know? ;)

BAL HARBOUR, Fla. -- The famed Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel has closed its doors and will soon be demolished.
But before the wrecking ball comes, you will have one last chance for a visit and a chance to buy a piece of South Florida history.
Over the years there have been a lot of memories made in this grand hotel including weddings, proms and more.
Now it is all for sale, including the beds, TVs, mini bars, pool side cabanas, fitness equipment, even the kitchen sink!
The sale is open to the public.
It starts this Thursday and will continue until everything is sold.

Lookie here, they have drained the water out of the pools already. Waaahh.....
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Catwoman said...

So bizarre! Maybe you could buy a couple of plates? Use them on special occasions? Or a towel? That way you can use it on the beach!

Loukia said...

A towel would be a great idea! :)