Keep him on the antibiotics, or not?

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A new report came out today that was all over the news. It was on CNN and everywhere else I read, too. Basically, it said that giving children antibiotics to ward off repeat UTI's does not prevent the problem from returning and leads to infections that are resistant to the drugs. My son had hydronephrosis in one of his kidney's, but no reflux whatsoever, so there is even less reason, according to this new study, to keep him on the daily antibiotics. His latest renal scan and ultrasounds also show improvement, and he has excellent kidney function. I will bring this up with his urologist and see what he has to say about it, but I'm thinking if we could get him off the antibiotics, it would be a great thing, because it is a daily struggle.
My son got his first UTI when he was under 3 months old, and it was a bad one - he had to be hospitalized for 10 nights with an IV. It was dreadful. He was NOT on antibiotics previous to this infection. After this infection, he was on antibiotics, daily, but still, he got another UTI at 6 months old (again, had to be hospitalized) and again at 10 months. The UTI he had at 10 months was very minor. Anyway I thought this new study was very interesting as it directly talks about our situation. I hope our urologist can help us come to a decision about what to do.
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