Busy July

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Hope everyone had a great long weekend! We had a wonderful few days. Went strawberry picking, hubby made yummy jam, ate a lot, went to a BBQ at my family's, lounged, spent time with Christos, and just relaxed.

I started my French training this week, and it is everyday for this entire month. It's going good. 3 hours a day is better then 3 hours a week, I think.

Celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary, too! Wow, can't believe how fast time flies.

Had my u/s yesterday, too. Baby number 2 looks super cute. And it is the COOLEST thing in the world, seeing your baby inside you. I love it! I was sure when I was pregnant with Christos that I was having a boy, but with this pregnancy, I am just not sure! I can't wait to find out what we are having a few weeks from now.

Anyway... I'm off... this is just not a good blog week! I should post about a billion pictures. Maybe I'll do that this week. Or next!
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Catwoman said...

MMMMM.... Homemade jam!

Glad all is well with your pregnancy!