What would YOU do with 30 million dollars?

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So, as you all (or as some of you) may have heard, a GREEK family from Ottawa just recently won 30 million dollars in the 6/49. :)

This family is related to my aunt - the mom who won the money is my aunt's neice - and they have 4 children and are a very nice Greek family.

Imagine their excitement and disbelief when they found out they were now millionaires! I mean, 30 million dollars is a whole lot of money!

I know the dad was as the casino the other night handing out thousand dollasr bills to all the Greeks he bumped into. Nice!

A little write-up about the happy family:

OTTAWA (CP) - An Ottawa couple is planning to have proper Greek weddings for their children after winning a $30-million Lotto 6-49 jackpot.

Greek immigrants Anna and George Giannopoulos bought the winning ticket for the May 30 draw at a local gas station. A few days later, George Giannopoulos checked the ticket at a local Home Depot kiosk. He says as soon as he scanned his ticket, he knew he had won something - but at first he didn't know how much.

He says his first thought was of his four kids and the bills that come with having a large family.

When the retailer told him how much he won, Giannopoulos cried and said the prize was for his children.

The family currently lives in a town home, but have been dreaming of buying a house.

Anna Giannopoulos says the money will also help the couple pay for each of their children to have a proper Greek wedding.

Lottery officials say the jackpot is the second-largest single-ticket prize claimed in Ontario.

If I won that much money... well, I'd give a large amount to CHEO, first of all. No questions asked. And maybe buy a whole bunch of news toys and books and DVD's for CHEO as well, paint the walls, add more colourful paintings. My mom's artwork can be seen throughout CHEO already, I'd add more of that, too.

I'd buy new toys for the Greek playgroup, probably to support our church in some way.

What else.. I would buy a condo at the new St. Regis in Bal Harbour. Then, I'd buy my grandparents a bigger place to live in Ottawa. Pay of any family's debt. And save the rest... and spend a lot too, on purses and sunglasses and vacations! :)

So... what would YOU do with 30 million dollars?
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Catwoman said...

I'd definitely go to Australia! And get a condo in the Rockies, maybe Banff or Whistler! And I'd take expensive cooking classes and buy expensive shoes!

And then I wouldn't worry about how to pay for university for my Little Man!