Trying to stay positive...

So tonight is game 5. The Sens have only won 1 game so far. Things are just not looking good for them, or for the city, or for Canada's dream of bringing the Cup back home.

I can't sit at home and watch the game tonight. Even though when it's on, I usually don't watch much of it anyway as I'm too busy with Christos and too nervous to really watch. But I just can't see it on TV tonight.

Instead, I'm going to see Knocked Up. We went last night but the line-up was insane and so we decided to all go tonight. And not watch the game. And laugh for 2 hours instead and hope when we walk out of the theatres we will hear people talking about how the Sens won. Then I'll have some renewed hope.

Here's something to think about - out of the 28 teams who have led 3-1 in the Stanley Cup final, 27 teams have won the Cup.

The only teamto overcome 3-1 in the final? The Toronto Maple Leafs. And if they can do it... I strongly believe WE CAN DO IT TOO! I mean, the Leafs! We are so much better then them, right? Right! And maybe it's saying something, that the only team to have ever come back from a 3-1 loss has been a Canadian team... maybe this means we'll come back, too! I hope so.
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twinmomplusone said...

i can't help but think how the players must feel, what pressure they are under

good luck guys, win or lose, thanks for the ride ;)

Catwoman said...

It is so nerve wracking...

here's to hoping!!!!