So what am I good at?

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As most of you already know, my mom is a pretty well known Canadian artist, whose work is in galleries across the country, including all the Koyman galleries here in Ottawa. Her work is of children, and if you've given birth at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, you've surely seen her work - or on the walls of CHEO on various floors. Of course, my house is adorned in her work. Lucky for me! She even got to meet Princess Diana, and presented her with a painting... as well as Roger Moore, (yup, 007!) and the Chretien's are collectors of her work, as well as Mila Mulroney and Nana Mouskari as well as other well know people. The best thing about my mom being an artist is that she helps many charities, including UNICEF and Children's Aid Society and CHEO, to name but a few. I'm mighty proud of her!

My sister has also followed in her footsteps - except she paints abstracts, mostly. Her work is lovely, too and again, lucky for me, I have a few of her pieces.

I just wanted to know where my talent lies? Yes, I am good mom, and a fairly decent writer when I put my mind to it, but really - nothing huge like art! What is my calling? It can't be shopping, can it?
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Catwoman said...

I'm sure it's got to be hard to be a part of a successfully artistic family! But I'm sure there's something your sister wishes she was good at, that you've never even given another thought to.