A sad, sad night... but with some great laughs, too...

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The Sens lost last night. Sigh... I am so very upset today. The Sens truly deserved the Stanley Cup. Look how far they came! I mean, they were in the finals! It was in their cards to win, I think. The Cup totally deserved to be back in Canada, won by the best Canadian team, who try so hard, year after year, to make it to that point. And I'm proud they got to where they did... but I really thought they'd win last night. I mean, seriously? California has everything to begin with - like they needed this, too! Most of Anaheim doesn't even know a hockey game that important was going on last night. It's just bummed me out - Cali with it's beautiful ocean, sunny weather, palm trees, amazing shopping... and now they even get the Cup? How unfair is that! Anyway... sad to see no cars had their Sens flags flying today. I guess the whole city is a bit bummed out. Oh well. Maybe next year... and I guess good for the Sens for going as far as they did, anyway...

Luckily, we went to the movies last night to see Knocked Up - seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen - we all loved it so much! We laughed our asses off for 2 hours. So at least we had a bit of humour in our night. If you have not seen this movie yet - what are you waiting for!? Run to the theatres! My old co-worker from CRA, Kerry, saw it and posted a good review on her blog, too. I agree with her that although Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan were amazing in it, her sister Leslie Mann and hubby, Paul Rudd, were also the stars of the movie. So funny, so true, so great!
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Catwoman said...

Yeah, I was very depressed. I wouldn't watch it, but my hubby kept putting the game on during commercial breaks. And when I saw Ottawa was two goals down, I knew it was over.

I guess there's always next year, right?

But yeah, a team named the Ducks does NOT deserve the cup... So sad!

I'm glad to hear Knocked Up is as good as the critics say it is! We're renters, so as soon as it comes out on DVD, it'll go into my Blockbuster.com queue!