Random Friday-before-the-long-weekend-thoughts...

- Happy long weekend everyone, and Happy Canada Day - even if you're not doing anything special to celebrate, let's all take a moment to appreciate where we live. Yes, we can bitch all we like about some things that annoy us, like (for me) the whole crazy bilingualism thing and our sucky legal system, but overall, we sure do live in a great country!

- Cleaning up vomit from a car/car seat is one of the hardest things to do. Especially at 10 p.m., in the dark, with mosquitoes just swarming all around you. Not fun.

- The food court level of Rideau Centre is just disgusting! However, I have to hold my breath and brave the grossness to get my favourite lunch from Marchelino's, do my banking at TD, and get supplies from Shoppers. Blah - seriously - what kind of people hang out on that level? There are some scary looking peeps on that floor!

- My first issue of the newsletter I am the editor for here at HC came out today and I'm so happy! It's great, and it's receivd a lot of positive feedback already. Hoorah!
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Catwoman said...

Enjoy the long weekend! I tried to convince my boss I should get Monday off in honor of Canada Day, but it didn't fly! Sigh... Guess I'll just settle for Wednesday, 4th of July day...

Also, Sesame Place isn't in Toronto, silly girl! It's North of Philadelphia, so it's 7 hours from T.O. My parents are actually driving from Ottawa to meet us, it's about 9 hours from them, I don't know if Christos would enjoy being in his car seat that long! But it'd definitely be doable for you guys at some point! :)

twinmomplusone said...


the website for the school you were mentioning is www.orleansmontessori.com

e-mail me at twinmomplusone@rogers.com if you have any other questions