Passport rules for babies - huh?

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So I happily took my son for his first passport pictures the other day. He was in a great mood, as was I. And the cutie-pie sat on the stool and smiled for the camera. And smiled some more. At which point the lady with the camera said: "Actually, he is not allowed to smile. And uh... his mouth has to be completely closed... it's the same rules for all babies, even newborns," she said to me.

I mean, really?

So then I was like... "Okay, Christaki... don't smile... just... um... keep your lips together..." That did not really work. We tried and tried again... I told him to blow a kiss to the lady taking the picture, because he puts his lips together to do that, but he also gave her a full out kiss, hand to mouth, and everything, so that did not work, but I did slather him in kisses for being so cute. So we're still not getting anywhere. Naturally, his mouth is always a little bit open, with his big pouty lips. How do you get a baby and a toddler to just sit there, with their mouth closed? Miraculously... he did it.. and we got the passport picture. I am so mad at this stupid, useless rule. COME ON! Fine, for adults. Although, come on once again - why can't I smile? What is up with that? It makes me a 'bad person' to have a smiling face on my passport? What kind of B.S. is this? Blame the stupid you-know-who's for this stupid rule having to do with travel. I really liked my smiling, happy passport picture!

Anyway... I'm happy my son finally got his picture taken. Sigh. What an ordeal. Poor younger babies who have to go through this, too. This rule has to go.
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Catwoman said...

How funny is that!!!! Yeah, I've heard that rule too now. Something about how people can look different smiling and since you don't smile at customs (unless you're hiding something, haha!)

But yeah, for babies, come on!

And you should see Little Man's picture! He's six months old on it, and not only is he grinning, he's got his tongue sticking out because he was so happy! It's absolutely adorable, but I guess it could get us detained at customs!