Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our new Maclaren!

My mom bought Christos a new stroller yesterday... (does a day go by when she doesn't buy him something? Seriously! Thanks mom!)we thought this Maclaren stroller would be easier to travel with when we go on vacation, instead of bringing our (awesome) Peg Perego. I love the Maclaren strollers - they are so light-weight, so easy to fold, and you just carry it on your shoulder. We also got a carry bag to put it in so we can check the stroller when we are in the airport. Anyway, I love it! Ours is yellow and navy blue. Christos liked it, too! Now, all I need is a double stroller and I think we're good! :)


Catwoman said...

It's a great looking stroller!

twinmomplusone said...

when we were traveling with strollers, we would bring them right to the plane and leave them there and you get them back as soon as you land only rarely did we check them in, depends how much walking we anticipated at the airport ;)

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