Mondays... and random thoughts...

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I so don't love Mondays!

Especially after a really terrific weekend... we did not go to the Children's Festival... after some thought, I didn't think it would be that worth our while to go. I think it's more fun for older kids, and there were all these weird 'troops' from Quebec doing these acts that I think were kinda scary, actually, for a toddler to watch.

Instead... we went to the Carnival! We had so much fun, my son was in awe at all the rides, and he went on his first ride, too! I so wish I had my camera but the written word is just as good sometimes. It was the merry-go-round, and I was standing up beside him and he loved it! That moment will be captured with me forever and ever. :) How fun! We also hung out at Place D'Orleans, played by the waterfall and spend a good 30 minutes in Tiggy Winkle's, both our favourite store, I'm sure. ;) Bought more diggers and bulldozers and a new bridge for his Thomas train set. He is getting into Thomas more, which is great, since he already has the entire set. I'll have to buy tickets now to see Thomas in August! How fun! And how excited am I that Hi-5 will be here in a few weeks and we have front row seats! Well, almost front row seats. :)

The weather was not bad this weekend, until last night, when my family and I took Christos to Hog's Back (but we call it Mooney's Bay, always have, and now my son calls it that, too, so we're sticking with that!) He had a blast and was having even more fun when it started to rain buckets on us and we had to run back to the car... he was finding this sooooo amusing! It was funny, actually.

And of course, we spent a lot of time outside, just exploring, and walking and throwing rocks in the water and having fun. My little boy is 22 months old now! Wow... he is almost 2 YEARS OLD!

Anyway... I'm excited for the Sens game tonight... GO SENS GO! I KNOW they will win again tonight. My friend will be at the game... how lucky of her! I'm sure it will be so exciting tonight. We'll watch from home because I can't switch up where I watch the games for the most part.

And tomorrow, I'm going to see Knocked Up, after hearing and reading so many awesome reviews. I can't wait!
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Catwoman said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!!

I didn't realize your little guy is only a month older than mine! :)