Hi-5 sensation


I am so excited about going to see Hi-5 with my son this month! When I found out they were stopping in Ottawa on their North America tour, I was so excited - I made sure to call for tickets the second they went on sale. In case you do not know, Hi-5 is one of the best children's shows out there! The show has been nominated three times for an Emmy for outstanding preschool series and sold out in Ottawa and Toronto in minutes! They even added a second afternoon show in Ottawa due to the high demand. Hi-5 is based on the original show out of Australia, where the other big sensation for kids came from - The Wiggles. Now, Hi-5 has even topped The Wiggles! And I can believe it... The Wiggles kind of bored me, but I catch myself watching Hi-5 long after my son has gone on to do something else.

Hi-5 is on Discovery Kids, TLC in the mornings (7:30) and also on TV Ontario, channel 2.

"The talented Hi-5 cast consists of five ethnically-diverse role models, Jenn, Kimee, Curtis, Yasmeen and Sydney, who encourage preschoolers to get active by dancing and singing along, while they learn important developmental concepts across all educational categories from logical thinking and math to music and linguistics."

Their CD 'Jump & Jive With Hi-5' earned a Parents Choice Award and I can say this is what we listen to in the car on most days!

Anyway... I'm glad my son enjoys the show. Although, Mighty Machines is stil his all time favourite show and a saving grace when it comes to meal times sometimes. My son loves participating in our dinner conversations and eating with us at the table but I also like feeding him in his high chair with Hi-5 or Mighty Machines on because, well... it works well for us!

I will make sure to post pictures of our fun night at the NAC after we see Hi-5. If you have a child of pre-school age who wants to see Hi-5, there may still be tickets left for the afternoon show they just added.

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twinmomplusone said...

Hey, we're going to that afternoon show too! Can't wait. maybe I'll get that CD too to get us even more in the mood!


Loukia said...

How fun! We got tickets for the 6 p.m. show... I hope my son lasts the entire time! :) You have fun, as well! You should buy the CD - it's great! I got Christos's CD and DVD from Tiggy Winkle's.